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Why Opt For An Investment Portfolio?



Investment Portfolio

Australia has consistently ranked high in the ‘ease of doing business’ parameter. In the evaluation conducted in 2019, Australia ranked 14 with an 81.2 score. This news is gospel to the years of investors who are considering investing in upcoming start-ups and successful businesses. But merely investing in instruments that offer high returns may not be enough as it can turn out to be a case of putting all eggs in one basket. Investment portfolios mean that one can diversify their investments, thereby minimising risks and maximising profits.

Investment portfolios, like flagship investments, provide far-reaching benefits. Investing wisely, not only guards the investor’s initial investment but helps grow the capital considerably, which is unattainable otherwise. While there is a certain level of risk in going with investment portfolios, the privileges outweigh the risks. One can enjoy the profitable dividends that the business earns and shares with its investors.

Here are some benefits of Investment Portfolios


Opting for an investment portfolio in itself may not be beneficial. The investor ought to allocate the capital prudently to reap the benefits of enjoying the exposure to growing financial markets. Creating a diversified investment portfolio helps to spread the capital across several investment categories, which aids the investor in reaping rich returns.

Diversifying into several asset classes also helps to protect the investor’s capital in the case of one segment of the financial market under-performing. Consider the example of the New York Stock Exchange in the year 2009 when stocks declined by 2.5% while bonds advanced at the same time. Investing in diversified shares reduces risks for investors.


By creating an investment portfolio that centres around income securities, the investor supplements his/her income for the future. For example, dedicating a certain percentage of assets to stocks that pay dividends ensures a sustained income stream. Although stock dividends are not usually guaranteed, some companies make continuous payments spanning over decades. Investing in bonds is one of the ways to generate income. Such fixed-income securities offer regular interest over the lifespan of the investment.


With the absence of an investment portfolio, the individual might be unprepared for some significant milestones in their life. Depositing money in a savings bank account may save them money, but growth is likely to be meagre in comparison with the potential profits of investing in financial markets.

Through an investment portfolio, the investor not only invests in guarding their capital but also benefits them by earning potential sizable profits. The profits help one to be prepared for any event like funding a college education, for example.


An investor who decides to direct their capital into financial markets, unlike other investment choices like real estate, for instance, is more likely to be able to access their money promptly when necessary. Fixed-income instruments are easily traded based on demand and supply, while one cannot say the same for the real estate business. The investor can quickly exchange the investment he made for cash. Land or real-estate investments are a long-term commitment that usually one cannot convert to cash quickly.


While investing, seek the counsel of flagship investments that are known for their stability and track record. These qualities will help an investor to make a sound investment decision. Ensure that the investment portfolio includes businesses that have diversified activities and are well-managed. Choose companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) while investing for verified security. These features will ensure a sustained income.

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Drake Bell Net Worth 2021



Drake Bell Net Worth 2021

Drake Bell is a well-known Nickelodeon famous person. His career started to grow after he starred in “Sketch Jukebox”, which broadcasted in late the 1990s and early 2000s. He became very young while he started to take part in the entertainment industry. His first role found him at the age of 5. After his breakthrough, he starred in various small and bigger projects, both tv shows and movies. Besides acting, he based his own report label World Rock Recordings. Plus, he’s a musician too. He has 3 studio albums.

As of January 2020, his net worth is calculated to be around $2.5 million. Let us see from what he accumulated his wealth from. There is lots of floor to be protected with Drake Bell.

Personal and Professional Life

Jared Drake Bell became born in 1986 in Newport Beach, CA. Encouraged through his parents, he commenced operating while he became 5 years old. Pretty soon, his talents have been identified and he starred in smaller roles in numerous films all through the nineties. From this period, he might be exceptionally known for his role in “Dill Scallion” and ”Drifting Faculties”.

After years of gathering reports on smaller roles, he was forged to star in “Amanda Show”. This only added to his experience as an actor, due to the fact he never worked on a tv show before this one. The enjoyment with this tv show proved to be the vital one for younger Drake Bell. After this one, he became famous, and his career has been growing since.

In 2004, he was cast in “Drama” where he had a lead role. This person is probably his most popular one. And with it, he was awarded several awards. It was not found out how much money he made from those  projects. However, we’re certain that it isn’t small. His next big task was “Superhero” movie, which made $9.5 million dollars in the US. Furthermore, it earned $71 million worldwide.

In addition to live acting, he gives his voice to the Spiderman on a Final Spider-guy lively tv show. This show has very positive reviews and it has a huge fan base. Drake Bell voiced Peter Parker in over a hundred episodes in total. Even stay action is extra famous amongst people, his work in this show was recognized and his interpretation of Peter Parker have become one of the most popular. With the success of the show itself, the fulfillment comes for the actor as well. He absolutely had a massive pay increase.

Truth be told, the most of his wealth became earned as a musician and a record maker. He has launched 3 studio albums so far “Telegraph”, “It’s Just Time”, and “Steady, Go!”. Also, he’s doing a number of hours per year. It hasn’t been found out how many copies he bought around the world and in the US. However, we may be sure that he lives mostly from this line of work. Also, he writes songs for a number of his colleagues, well-known and now no longer so well-known

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Melissa McCarthy Net Worth 2021



Melissa McCarthy Net Worth 2021

Melissa McCarthy is an American actor, as well as a writer, producer, and comedian. Her roles in movies such as Mike and Molly, Samantha Who?, Gilmore Girls and Bridesmaids, as well as in some other TV shows, helped her to increase popularity. Melissa also stands behind the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 fashion line she founded in 2015. If we look at her roles and hard work that led her to be what she is today, it is certain that she has accumulated a great fortune, so far. Also, she has become one of the most paid actresses in the industry at the moment. That’s why we decided to introduce you her net worth as well as some other details about her personal life and career. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life

Melissa McCarthy is a daughter of Michael and Sandra McCarthy. Melissa was born on August 26, 1970, in Plainfield, Illinois. Her father has an Irish origin, while the mother has roots in England, Ireland, and Germany. McCarthy’s family is Catholic, so she is educated in the Christian tradition.

As for her education, Melissa attended St. Francis Academy located in Joliet, also in Illinois. When she graduated, McCarthy moved to New York where she began to deal with a stand-up comedy. Her love for acting and the scene was increasing, so she decided to go to The Actor’s Studio to improve her acting skills, more precisely performing on stage. A significant moment at the beginning of her career was the decision to attend The Groundlings where she improved her knowledge of the basics of the theater, as well.

Personal Life

As for her love life, Melissa McCarthy has been happily married to Ben Falcone since 2005. They married on October 8, 2005, and the couple has two daughters so far. The older daughter is called Vivian and was born on May 5, in 2007, while their young daughter was born on March 22, 2010, and her name is Georgette. Their current place of residence is Los Angeles, where they live in their home.


As we have already said, Melissa began her acting career as a stand-up comedian and during that period she was part of several different shows. She made her debut on TV in 1997 when she was part of several TV projects, but she also played a significant role in the NBC comedy series called Jenny. As for the film, her first role was in the 1999 movie called Go, which is also a comedy. Melissa’s role was not the main, but significantly influenced her further career because after this film she played roles in Drowning Mona, Disney’s the Kid, Charlie’s Angels movies among others.

From that moment on, she began to rise in her career as she was gaining more and more roles in various films, as well as TV series. Later, she played the films and roles that marked her career so far, such as Mike and Molly where she played Molly or Bridesmaid and Identity Thief movies.

Another great achievement in her career, in addition to the success in acting, is the creation of the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 fashion line, which is intended for plus-size ladies.

As for the award she received for her work, Melissa is the winner of some prestigious awards such as BAFTA Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Academy Awards, MTV Movie, Primetime Emmy Awards, Kids Choice Awards, and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Net Worth

Melissa McCarthy is a popular American actress who is best known for her roles in various comedy movies. Thanks to these roles, she gained a wealth of $70 million. Currently, she is one of the most paid actresses in the industry, and in 2015 she was ranked third in the list according to Forbes. It was this year that has been the most successful in her career so far because she managed to make a huge $33 million. We hope that she will return again among the top 3 most paid actresses of Hollywood.

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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2021



Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2020 – How Rich is Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather can most certainly deal a punch, but you’ll be blown away when you hear Floyd’s net worth – 285$ million. And this is his Forbes net worth for the year 2019, we still have to wait a bit and see how much he earned in 2020. Keep in mind that Forbes probably only takes the current year into account. Other websites report much larger Mayweather net worth. Celebrity Net Worth is one of the most “modest” ones, and this website mentions that Floyd “weighs” about 560 $ million.

According to Investopedia, this boxer earned more than 700$ million during his career. Other sources mention even larger sums, putting Floyd Mayweather among the likes of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. If correct, this would mean that Floyd is only the third athlete to join the prestigious “1$ billion club”. The boxer will to work a bit more in order to catch up with Woods and Jordan, as these two athletes probably earned more than 1.5 $ million during their careers (not taking Woods’ numerous escapades, legal cases, etc. We all know just how much money this man lost due to his irresponsible behavior).

This man is still unbeaten in all the categories he competed- super featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, and light-welterweight. He will possibly remain undefeated, considering that he retired while still holding his impeccable record. While still an amateur, Floyd competed at the Olympics in 1996, when he won a bronze.

If Floyd continues to earn nine-figure salaries (!) in a single match, he’ll most likely take over the two richest sportsmen ever. There’s perhaps only one small problem. As Mayweather’s endorsements increase each year, it becomes harder and harder for people to hire him. The boxer doesn’t advertise that many products (at least not when compared with other athletes), but this is still a significant source of income for him.

According to Forbes, the boxer didn’t earn that much money in 2017, but 2018 was a particularly good year thanks to a fight with Conor McGregor. This is one of the highest-paid sports events ever, especially considering that only 2 people are involved. Although this fight actually took place in August 2017, the royalties and other payments were only paid in full after the year ended. But this is just a part of the picture.

We all remember Floyd Mayweather’s legendary fight against Manny Pacquiao. This was another record-breaking event, that brought 250$ million to Floyd. There are numerous other fights for which Floyd received astronomical amounts of money. More specifically, there are at least 4 fights that brought about 40$ million each to the famous American boxer.

There’s a reason various sources give different estimations of Mayweather’s net worth. Floyd is a big money-spender. After all, a man who works so hard for his salary would want to relax a bit when he takes a bit of time off? Jokes aside, Mayweather didn’t stay immune to the lavish and luxurious lifestyle that practically ruined so many famous people.

His incredible 100-car collection most certainly decreased his net worth. The Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg Trevita cost more than 6$ million, and this most certainly decreased Mayweather’s net worth. Finally, the 22 thousand square foot mansion in Las Vegas probably costs more than we can even imagine. All these factors have to be taken into account.

What Is Net Worth?

Talking about net worth without explicitly stating what we mean by this would be silly. In business terms, net worth is the difference between assets and liabilities. An asset has a monetary value, and it can be turned into cash anytime. The best type of asset can be turned into cash immediately or easily, and these are liquid assets. Non-liquid assets like cars or houses take some time to be converted into cash, and their value varies with time.

On the other hand, liabilities are loans and other obligations concerning transactions of money.

If we want to really get to know how much Floyd Mayweather is worth, we’ll have to find out all his assets and liabilities. Needless to say, this is an impossible task (and it is probably illegal, considering that we’d have to acquire a lot of sensitive, private information). Now we see why it’s so hard to find out someone’s net worth.

How Floyd Mayweather Started Earning So Much?

It’s safe to say that we rarely see sportsmen earning so much money. How did this happen? First of all, the Mayweather family is a family of boxers. Floyd Mayweather Senior was a relatively successful boxer, and so did Junior’s uncles, Jeff and Roger. One of his uncles was at the same time his trainer- Roger Mayweather- who won two world championships.

Mayweather Junior knew what would be his profession since he was a little boy. One of the greatest boxers of all time identified his grandmother as an important source of inspiration. In his words, she encouraged him to keep boxing even when Floyd Junior wanted to find a “real” job and start earning money.

Not all went well. Even though Floyd received important advice from his family members, his family lived in an extremely poor New Jersey neighborhood. When compared with his current economic situation, his childhood environment seems even poorer. While he was growing up, Floyd had to share a bedroom with seven other people. To make things even worse, this little New Jersey bedroom didn’t even have electricity.

Floyd also had to stay afloat in a neighborhood riddled with crime, addiction, and economic struggles. Mayweather later stated that we regularly found used heroin needles in his yard. His aunt died from AIDS.

Moreover, Junior’s father frequently beat his son. Floyd Senior even sold drugs, what he later referred to as a necessary means to make the ends meet. However, his father also encouraged him to keep boxing, and regularly took him to the gym.

Junior isn’t that keen on giving praise to his father. In his words, he had to do everything on his own, especially when his father got imprisoned.

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