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Use WhatsApp Web Login on PC



whatsapp web login

From a technological viewpoint, the internet is a very programmable environment that enables mass customization during the immediate deployment of big web applications like WhatsApp Web to millions of global users. Earlier, WhatsApp has introduced its WhatsApp Login feature for Web users, allow WhatsApp users to access WhatsApp using a browser. So now you can access WhatsApp Web Login from any operating system and any device as you can use WhatsApp Online Login in using any browser. You’re all set to use WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web appears very much like the Android app. It serves the purpose of replicating the mobile app on your PC for ease of use. Now some users have reported that this WhatsApp Login feature compromises your Security but WhatsApp has mentioned that they are using End to End Encryption Security protocols to establish a connection between two users.


If you’re using web browsers to use WhatsApp WebLogin, then it’s time to be alert about security tool scams. When a computer or web browser attempts to connect to an internet site, what’s referred to as a 3-way handshake is used to establish the connection between both computers? The user is subsequently contacted and asked to pay a ransom to publish the file. It’s always important that all users understand how to guard their systems against the most recent viruses and malware. The user is going to be verified and so will the site. WhatsApp Web users will then be able to observe a circular icon near their profile picture.

WhatsApp Web Login

WhatsApp Web is an official online client which lets users get their WhatsApp account via any computer browser (for example, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). But like WhatsApp, you don’t need to register for WhatsApp again with Email ID. All you need to do is just scan a QR code. There’s absolutely no program and plug-in installation required to get the WhatsApp Web via the browser, but if you would like, you can install the desktop program on your computer that’s based on WhatsApp web.

Through the internet platform, you can do all the things that you can do with your WhatsApp on your Android and iOS device.

Android Emulator is another way to install WhatsApp App on your Android, but now you don’t need to do that.


  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or any Web Browser.
  • WhatsApp installed on your Android or iOS device
  • You will need a stable Wi-Fi link connected to both Mobile and Desktop machine.

Step 1: Open in a browser.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on Mobile.

Step 3: On a desktop, it will ask to scan QR Code.

Step 4: On a smartphone. Click on right side option.

Step 5: Select WhatsApp Web. It will open the camera and start scanning your QR code.


My phone doesn’t understand the QR code?

Take your phone camera closer to QR code and wait for a few seconds. If it still isn’t recognizing then refresh the page and then scan the code.


Make sure that your Android/iOS smartphone has enough battery before use WhatsApp Login.

Also, make sure that the Internet is running on your Smartphone.

You do not have to copy the files on the device; now you can send one or more files to any WhatsApp contact straight from the computer. So if you want to learn to share these kinds of files on WhatsApp easily then here the finest possible method. The WhatsApp Login on Web option can be found in the latest edition of WhatsApp. Then, you’ve got to open the internet option on your phone.


You can not use WhatsApp on Windows PC. Now you don’t need to use Android Emulator to use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp PC. You can directly use Whatsapp Login on PC and chat with friends. All you need to do is just download WhatsApp for PC and setup. Connect your Android/iOS phone to activate WhatsApp web and you are good to go.

Also, you can now install WhatsApp App on your Mac and use the same steps to activate it.

WhatsApp for PC/Mac/Windows



Another Way of using WhatsApp Web is using Android Emulators. There are so many Android Emulators out there but Bluestacks is one of the most advanced and Popular Android Emulator allow users to use any Android App on Windows.

  • All you need to do is download Bluestacks App Player for Windows.(
  • Open the App > Setup Google Account > Open Play Store > Find and Install WhatsApp.
  • Open WhatsApp > Setup it and its done.


Hi, guys today I show you how you can view who has read your messages in WhatsApp group chat, but first a little explanation of how the check marks work on WhatsApp.

If you see two blue check marks next to your sent message, then the recipient has read your message.

For any message that you send, you will be able to see a Message info screen, displaying the details of when your message was delivered, read or played by the recipient(s).

Now follow step by step the instructions below to check who have read your message:

  • (Double Tick) Delivered – when your message is delivered to your friend phone, but he/she has not yet read it.
  • (Blue Tick) Read or Seen – when your friend has read your message or seen your picture, audio file, video or voice Message
  • (Blue Tick) Played – when your friend has played your Voice Message.

That’s all guys; now you can see who has read your messages in group chat If this trick was useful for you share it on your favorite social networks or let us know in the comments below if I have been useful 🙂

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Looking to Compare Documents Via Microsoft word? Here are Some Simple Ways to Get it Done



Microsoft Word Compare Document

Why use a Microsoft Word Compare Document?

Document comparison is a practical and most comfortable way to deal with unwanted content theft, self-plagiarism, and device storage issue created by duplicate files. Thanks to the online tools and software that have made it possible to identify the two documents’ resemblance. Users have reported more accurate results when they use a dedicated text compare tool such as Microsoft Word.

Plagiarism is not only unethical but also a punishable offense. It denies the original content creator the credit they deserve. Moreover, they violate the privacy of authors and organizations accessing the company’s private data without having authorization. However, plagiarism is not always committed intentionally.

Often writers unknowingly use other’s words and ideas without acknowledgment or use information from an unknown source. Such activities result in unintentional or accidental plagiarism.

Irrespective of the type of plagiarism, the consequence of plagiarism is precisely the same. Writers can easily cite their sources and use a dedicated collaboration tool to reduce the chances of plagiarism.

How to detect plagiarism?

  • Plagiarism detecting software:

The easiest way to detect plagiarism is by using online tools that are user friendly and are available completely free of cost. Users generally upload the desired file to the website and scan the file to generate a result that indicates plagiarism percentage in the written piece.

  • Word compare document:

Use Microsoft Word’s default ‘compare’ feature to compare two documents side by side and prevent plagiarism. It enables the users to compare two documents to identify the similarities among them.

Importance of Microsoft word compares documents feature.

  • It helps reduce the chances of plagiarism since users can pinpoint copied words and sentences and replace those with their own words to prevent plagiarism.
  • Authors can acknowledge source sites through citation and avoid the chance of plagiarism.
  • Comparing two documents can help the content creators protect their work from self-plagiarism.
  • Users can remove duplicate files from a device by comparing two documents.

How to use the Microsoft word compare documents feature?

This in-build feature of Microsoft word lets the users compare two-word files easily through the application itself.

  • The first step towards word comparison is opening the file on the word application.
  • The ‘Compare’ option is available under the ‘Review’ section.
  • After clicking the compare option, the users are presented with two options further: compare and combine.
  • To begin the process of comparing documents, users need to click on the ‘compare’ again.
  • These users need to upload the two documents they wish to compare, the previous one and the modified one, from the drop-down menu or the file option.
  • The ‘label changes with’ option can be changed as per the requirement of the user. It helps them identify the file quickly.
  • The other options are typically set as default and need not be changed.
  • On clicking the ‘ok’ button, the final result appears before the users with the original and revised word file with the changes highlighted on the modified file.
  • Users get the opportunity to accept or reject the changes from the highlighted ones.
  • The revised file can be saved as a separate one without changing the original one by clicking the ‘save as’ option.

Make things easier with Microsoft Word Compare Documents.

Writers can manually compare documents to proofread for plagiarism and to identify duplicate files. However, a manual process is time-consuming and tedious. Applications like Microsoft word compare documents make the task easier and faster.

What makes the document compare feature popular is the accurate result it produces within minutes. The result is details clear and precise. Protected documents, however, cannot be compared as it denies the users the right to access or edit the data saved in the file.

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Code Obfuscation – Ensuring Advance Level Security Systems For The Applications



Code Obfuscation

 The whole concept of code obfuscation always aims to provide the best quality security mechanisms to the applications so that modifications become very much executable and the application is of no use to be a hacker but ultimately it will remain fully functional. With this particular process, several kinds of modifications into the actual method instructions or data can be done which will never make any kind of alterations into the output of the program. Almost every kind of code can be reverse-engineered in case people invest proper time and effort in it.

 The software applications and programs have changed how they were operated by business organisations a few years back. One of the most effective ways to implement proper protection in the application from the reverse engineering and the code tempering is the strengthening of defensive capabilities which is only possible in case the application is made harder to penetrate and it forces the hackers to move to another target very easily.

The code obfuscation can be termed as the best possible defensive method which helps in modifying the code of the application and further make it very much difficult to understand as well as decipher. The most important part of this particular system is that it will stop the hackers to reverse engineer the application and will make sure that the structure of the application is very difficult to understand. It will also handle the code with the help of multiple layers of security which will ultimately help in protecting the intellectual property and will make sure that attackers are kept away from the malicious intent. This particular concept will always work with the help of encryption of the code that will help in making sure that metadata is never revealed and renaming is successfully done. It will also employ various kinds of techniques that will be built on top of each other and will help in rendering the codes into unintelligible systems. Some of the most common techniques utilised in this particular system are mentioned as follows:

  •  The rename obfuscation: Under this particular method modification of the variable and method has been done to make sure that the code is very difficult in terms of understanding. Ultimately it will help in maintaining the programs original behaviour so that there is no issue in the whole system.
  • The string encryption: Under this particular system the renaming obfuscation is very well implemented in altering the variables and methods which are known as string encryption. It is also based upon randomly generating the algorithms to encrypt all kinds of strings which are very well readable.
  • The flattening of control flow: This particular technique is very much successful in implementing the operation perfectly to achieve this particular system transformation is perfectly done so that program flow is controlled all the time. It will always make sure that program flow is very difficult to follow because of the natural conditions and the code is very easy to read with this.

The execution of the code obfuscation process includes a comprehensive process and the implementation will always vary depending upon company to company. There are several kinds of things to be kept in mind at the time of determining the evaluating and comparison of these kinds of tools. On a general basis good tools are very much important to be implemented by the security solutions so that it includes the following things:

  •  It will help in narrowing down the methods and techniques to be used in the obfuscation process.
  • It will help in tuning the degree of obfuscation to balance the performance impacts
  • It will help in withstanding the de-obfuscation tools in the whole process
  • It will help in obfuscation through the string tables as well as the methods of the whole process.

 Following are some of the benefits of the code obfuscation concept:

  •  The most important advantages stem from how security-based systems are being implemented by the organisations.
  •  In the untrusted environment it is highly advisable to deploy the applications that are obfuscated to that it becomes harder for the hackers to review several kinds of codes so that application analysis can be done.
  •  The implementation of this process will always ensure that there is no loophole in the whole system which is left for the debugging and tampering of the codes.
  •  These kinds of processes will always make sure that there is a higher level of a layer of protection which is indispensable for the applications and helps in dealing with the most critical consumer and business information for the organisation.
  • Optimisation of the code will always be there with the help of this particular system and the best word is that there will be no complication throughout the process and the compilation process will be speeded up which will ultimately result in quicker execution of the code.
  • One of the greatest advantages of implementing this particular concept is that applications are always hard to reverse engineer that will make sure that code deployment in the open source platforms will not be a very now.
  •  With the help of this particular technique the security team will be applying several kinds of obfuscation algorithms with the output depending upon previous algorithm servings so that attackers never get confused about the original intent of the program and what kind of things are visible to them.

The code obfuscation can be termed as one of the most practical ways of handling the threats associated with the applications and it will always make sure that hackers are unable to access the application because everything is based on actual measurements in terms of effectiveness which are very hard to find. Many of the companies utilise this particular concept for several proprietary reasons and with the advancements in technology, it is very much important for the companies to implement such things so that they can make sure that performance factors are always there and applications are very well safe and secure all the time so that all security-related needs can be fulfilled.

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Top Writing Tools That Divya Gandotra Approves Of



Writing Tools That Divya Gandotra

As a writer, your creativity is not the only asset; there are plenty of other aspects as well that add value to your skills.

I am particularly indicating the writing tools that assist in your work. Trust me, these tools are your best critics and friends if you know the right way to use them.

So, can writing tools help in pulling up your best work?

Indeed, if you know how to optimally use them.

People always ask me the best writing tools that I use and would recommend. Well, there are a bunch of tools that a writer can possibly use to get things done, and I, Divya Gandotra, am going to share some of my favourite writing gizmos that I adore and vouch for.

Writing Tools That Divya Gandotra

Divya Gandotra’s List Of Efficient Writing Tools

Since I was in high school, I have been attracted to technology that always made me curious to explore things and use different tools to get things done. Maybe that’s the reason I am always excited to use new writing tools.

So, here are my best picks that you must always use to support your writing.

#1 Grammarly

I cannot stress more on the significance this excellent grammar tool holds in my life. Trust me, it’s a life a saviour.

Grammarly is a wonderful and potent grammar tool that has always helped me whenever I am running late on deadlines. It simply takes over the grammar checking and edits my writing piece like a harsh critic.

You can never get enough of this grammar tool. Whether you are writing a blog or a small sales copy, make sure you run it through Grammarly before sending it across.

Also, I would suggest getting a premium Grammarly account to see more refined grammar edits.

Grammarly always got your back!

#2 Google Sheets

If you are someone who is a bit messy when it comes to planning and organising, then I would suggest that your laptop and phone must have Google Sheet in it.

Everyone knows about Google Sheets, but people hardly realise its worth in the writing sphere. Let’s take an example: you have been assigned on multiple channels, let’s say over mail, WhatsApp, call, skype, and so on.

How do you plan to get started with the tasks?

Well, that’s where Google Sheet comes to rescue you. Enter all your tasks according to their priorities. It will work as your to-do list but in a more refined way.

You can also share Google Sheet with your team head from where they can access all your tasks in one place.

You see how amazing and seamless your life can be with Google Sheet?

#3 Copyscape

As writers, you can never compromise the authenticity of your work. That’s why you need a reliable plagiarism checking tool that will rightly scan your writing piece.

For years I have been fond of Copyscape for its amazing services. I have a premium account for my digital agency EMIAC Technologies. All my writers check their content on Copyscape before sending it to the client.

Copyscape has remained a leading plagiarism checking tool that a majority of my clients prefer.

So, if you don’t want to gamble with your credibility, you better sign up at Copyscape and start checking your content on it.

#4 Yoast

SEO is everything in today’s digital marketing sphere. You cannot move forward without making sure that your content is SEO-friendly enough to catch the web crawlers.

There are plenty of good SEO tools, but I am particularly inclined towards Yoast. It is a WordPress plugin that will help in meeting the elite SEO standards.

Yoast will bring your edited content up to the highest standards of SEO and enhance its worth on the web. It is ideally used to create search engine friendly website.

It is an incredible tool that covers almost 70% of the things you need for efficient SEO. Plus, it also helps in checking the readability of your article so that you put easy to read articles to in front of your readers. For readability, you can use Hemingway App as well.

So, that’s the list of the best writing tools that Divya Gandotra suggests. You must try and see remarkable changes in your writing.

For further assistance and advice regarding specific tools editing, proofreading, grammar, etc., connect to Divya Gandotra, MD, EMIAC Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.

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