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Which is Best out of Maruti Ignis versus Mahindra KUV100



Maruti Suzuki is working on a compact crossover SUV car called Ignis, and it is expected to launch sometime in late 2016 in India. It is a car the whole nation is waiting for, sometime ago the car was spotted in Europe and recently enthusiasts have spotted the car in disguised state in Delhi. The company has explored the crossover market with Suzuki S-Cross and now heaps of attraction is drifted towards Ignis. The competition level of the SUV segment has increased to a new level in recent times evident by the launch of Hyundai Creta, Honda BR-V, upcoming Tata Nexon and so on.

The Ignis is a new surprise launch of Maruti Suzuki, and it is certain that scores of customers are extremely eager to drive the car. Now what about the competition power of the car, and which would be its fiercest rival, a majority would think about Mahindra KUV100, a compact SUV vehicle that was launched in January 2016 and is now currently in high demand. In 2016 May, KUV100 was the fourth top selling vehicle. Will the popularity levels of KUV100 be tarnished by the forthcoming Ignis? Let us compare the two cars and find out.


Ignis is a chic compact SUV, and it looks amazingly stylish and picture perfect, and it is designed in a way that is very attractive to the young and highly professional demographic. The exterior architecture looks impressively boxy and compact and it is a different design creation from other Maruti Suzuki cars. The styling of the headlights is elegant and so is the grille and the layout of the bumper is striking as well. The vehicle on the whole flaunts a neat design and it just gives an impression of classiness at first sight.

The KUV100 looks great and Mahindra has styled the car to make it look menacingly sporty, and it is just awesome for people who are into sporty SUV’s. The design of the KUV100 remains different from other Mahindra vehicles. The incredible sporty effect is created by the pulled back headlights and thin front grille and the small tail lights also makes the car look exceptionally stylish and sporty.


The exterior of Ignis looks so novel and different from other products of Maruti Suzuki, and now how is the interior going to look. The inner décor is going to be vibrant and well-suited for the young and highly ambitious demographic. The dashboard is going to have a new design varied from any other Maruti Suzuki car that exist. The styling of the steering wheel is new as well and is expected to be something similar to upcoming Suzuki cars. The other possible interesting features are touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and SmartPlay and dual tone color combination. The car is going to be vastly spacious and can easily accommodate five passengers. An important point to remember is the Ignis interiors is going to be engineered with a new level of aesthetics.

The interior of KUV100 compact crossover is comfortable and well-designed, the handling of steering wheel is convenient and the instrument cluster is easy to read. On the center console is three powerful air cons and gear lever. For music lovers the in-dash audio system is just spectacular and it has USB, Bluetooth and AUX connectivity. There is ample space inside to just sit comfortably and relax.


The Ignis is likely to be powered with a robust four-cylinder 1.2-liter petrol engine and it will be engineered with the advanced SHVS mild hybrid technology and it facilitates greater fuel efficiency for four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive cars. There will also be an efficient Boosterjet 1.0-liter turbo petrol mill that will yield powerful mileage and the other engine is a 1.2-liter CVT mill and it will be connected to an automatic transmission system. There is going to be a diesel engine as well and it is a 1.3-liter DDiS engine.

Mahindra has incorporated the KUV100 with petrol and diesel power-trains, the petrol vehicle is fitted with a three-cylinder G80 1.2-liter mFalcon engine and it churns 82bhp and the diesel car runs on a 1.2 liter D75 mFalcon engine that generates 77bhp. The engines are connected to 5-speed manual transmission.


The expected price range of Maruti Suzuki Ignis is Rs 5 to 7 lakh and KUV 100 is sold at Rs 4.5-7.1 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis is the most anticipated new car launch, and it does look amazing and when you view the car, it will remind you of an incredible one of a kind design, so different from other Maruti Suzuki cars and even other models in the market. The exterior styling of Ignis is first rate and KUV100 is creatively styled as well, but to create a sportier effect and Ignis is designed to develop a youthful and elegant effect.

The interior of Ignis is going to be as exciting as the exterior, and the quality of décor and equipment will be top-class and futuristic and it will run on superb engine power. The insides of KUV100 is vibrant and not too claustrophobic and there is ample room for five occupants to just have a blast.

The Ignis is expected to launch sometime during the end of the year, which is sometime during the festive season, and what better time to buy the car. The Ignis is on the whole a desirable upcoming car that looks so different and innovative, its appearance is something similar to those fantasy cars we all dream of owning. Mahindra has engineered the KUV100 differently as well, and here too the styling is hi-tech.

Is the Ignis going to be the most-wanted compact crossover SUV car in the market, it is likely to be so because it looks so remarkably different and creative. There is yet so much to be discovered about the car and it is expected to be great value for money. For now, let us patiently wait for the launch of Ignis and it is going to be one stunning new launch that has ever existed.

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Oil Filters 101- How to use?




Oil Filters 101

If you own a car or truck, you’ve likely heard of your oil filter. However, you may not know what it is. Understanding some of the essentials of engine maintenance and how your vehicle works can help you keep your car or truck in better shape. This is the guide for you if you’ve ever asked what do oil filters do?

Oil Filters: The Basics

Unsurprisingly, the main purpose of your oil filter is to filter out contaminants from your car or truck’s oil. Engine oil is used by your vehicle to lubricate the moving parts inside your engine including gears, cams, piston, bearings and more.

Your oil is not consumed by the engine running. Instead, the same oil is used continuously and repeatedly until you change it. Therefore, it can pick up unwanted contaminants during its journey around your engine. This is where the oil filter comes into play. The filter helps to keep your oil cleaner for longer. Without it, you would constantly be needing an oil change.

As your oil finishes a loop of the engine and is about to start again, it passes through the oil filter. The benefits of the filter include:

  • Catches contaminants in the oil including dirt, soot, varnish and sludge
  • Keeps your oil cleaner for longer
  • Helps oil flow around the engine more freely
  • Improves engine performance

Changing Your Oil Filter

Clearly, the oil filter is an essential part of your engine’s regular operations. It is important to change your oil filter every time you change your oil. If you don’t, the new clean oil will be immediately exposed to the contaminants that were removed from the old oil. Additionally, the oil filter will not be effective in removing contaminants from the new oil.

You may be wondering how long does an oil change take? Depending on whether you do it yourself or have a professional do it, the process can take 15 to 60 minutes. If you are experienced or you take it to a shop that can see your vehicle right away, it will only take about 15 minutes. Otherwise, it can take a while longer.

During your oil change process, replace the filter once you have removed the old engine oil. Keep in mind that it may contain old oil, so you should place your drain pan beneath the filter before removing it. Simple losing the filter with a wrench then clean the mounting surface, ensuring you haven’t removed the gasket with the old filter.

Lubricate the new filter then screw it into place by hand. Typically, you do not need to use a wrench to tighten the filter. However, you should consult the filter’s instructions. Once the new filter is positioned, you can continue with your oil change.

Get Started

Changing your oil and oil filter is a simple maintenance task. Anyone can learn how to do it. Head down to the best auto parts store near you and pick up a drain pan, wrench, funnel, oil and oil filter. You’ll be taking care of your own car or truck in no time.

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AGV Corsa Helmet SR Tested




AGV Corsa Helmet SR Tested

Your helmet may be the most important piece of motorcycle gear. It can make all the difference in a crash. While everyone’s preferences are different, there are always a few helmets that stand above the rest. AGV’s Corsa helmet is one such helmet. It combines great styling with a high standard of quality into a product that is as comfortable and effective as it is eye-catching.

AGV’s Extreme Standards

For years AGV struggled to create a helmet that was just right. While many helmets were good, almost all had some issue that kept them from being great. The brand’s solution to this is its Extreme Standards project. The main element of this project is a series of head scans used to better profile helmet fitment to a wider range of head sizes and shapes.

The results of this project have been strong. The Corsa and fully carbon fiber Pista GP are both great helmets that fit and feel better than any of AGV’s previous offerings.

The Corsa

AGV’s designers have significantly changed the size of the Corsa to make it a better fit for most riders. Smaller upper and frontal sections, as well as a shrunk visor mechanism, have allowed some major improvements to the helmet:

  • The impact absorption material is thicker, offering greater head protection.
  • The helmet features AGV’s Super Super Light shell made from composite fiber, aramid and carbon-fiber materials. This is very lightweight but also strong.
  • The padding is made from Lycra and Shalimar that is breathable and comfortable.
  • A sanitizing treatment helps keep the padding clear and fresh.
  • The window is nine percent larger than previous helmets. It provides superior visibility in both track and street settings.
  • The helmet is very aerodynamic, especially in a slightly tucked position.
  • The helmet feels stable even in high-speed situations.

The chin strap doesn’t always fit comfortably. Additionally, the visor locking mechanism and airflow vents are difficult to operate with gloves on. However, the visor can be locked in three positions: one that is completely open, one for some air flow at low speeds and one for full closure.

All in all, the Corsa offers some of the best head protection combined with an aggressive look, comfortable feel and good aerodynamics. It represents a new day for AGV. It is the motorcycle helmet many riders are dreaming of being able to find.

Choosing the Right Helmet

Every rider has his or her list of favorite helmets. These won’t be the same for everyone because different people have different heads. However, the right helmet is always one that provides effective protection while fitting securely and comfortably. No number of extra features or bargain pricing will overcome inadequate protection or a helmet that is too uncomfortable to wear.

With its Extreme Standards project and the Corsa helmet, AGV will undoubtedly be on many motorcyclists’ lists of favorites. The strong shell, effective impact absorption and comfortable shape check all the most important boxes.

The next time you are looking at motorcycle gear, ask yourself whether a new helmet is in order. Then check out the AGV Corsa for some of the best head protection on the market.

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Own the Road With These Popular Semitruck Accessories




auto mechanics

Your semitruck is durable and functional, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! There are plenty of inexpensive accessories that can be quickly installed and take your truck to another level. Here are some popular items that will give your truck a stylish new look. 

Stainless Steel Vent Visors 

Do you crave fresh air when you cruise down the highway but hate the wind noise? Stainless steel truck vent visors are perfect for you. They cover the tops of your windows, which allows you to keep your windows open while quieting wind noise, keeping your windows from fogging and preventing snow, rain or hail from entering your cab. The stainless steel is durable and won’t rust. These visors come in a wide range of sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your truck. These are sold in pairs. 

Spike Rear Axle Cover With 33-Millimeter Thread-on Nut Covers 

Want to add some originality to your axles while protecting them, too? These spiked chrome axle covers protect your axles from moisture, grease and dirt while hiding existing stains. Chrome is a durable material that will ensure your axles stay safe from the elements. They are designed for the unimount hub pilot wheels that are 20, 22.5 and 24.5 inches. Each wheel requires one kit, which comes with the cover, ten 33-millimeter threaded nut covers and a detachable hubcap. 

Four-Inch 16 LED Tiger Eye Marker Lights 

Tiger Eye Marker Lights are popular and extra bright LED marker lights for trucks. With 16 LED bulbs each, there is no doubt you’ll be spotted on the road. The bulbs are available in red and amber, and the lenses are available in clear, red and amber. These are 12-volt lights with two wires each. They’re inexpensive and sold individually. 

Contact an expert today for more information about these accessories and make a statement on the road.

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