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Top Advantages of a Selfie Stick with Stand When Travelling



Selfie Stick

Long gone are the days you need to have a camera before you can take a good picture. In the world we live in, people can always snap themselves and have great images without going to a photo studio. While going to a photo studio will help you get the best out of a picture, you can always have pictures of yourself by simply taking a shot with your phone.

Have you formed the habit of snapping yourself? If yes, you will need a selfie stick as this will help you get great pictures without needing any one’s assistance.

Below are some advantages of a selfie stick with tripod stand.

Your Camera is Secure

When people take pictures, they are usually excited. Due to this, there is a likelihood of their camera dropping and its screen getting cracked. While this is a little popular, when snapping with a selfie stick, you can be certain that your phone will not drop and you won’t have to deal with a cracked screen.

This is because selfie sticks are pretty firm and can keep your phone in place even when you are taking pictures with a lot of excitement. The only exceptions to this are when you move your selfie stick with your phone attached to it too fast or when it hits a hard object and falls.

You will not Need Help from Strangers

Taking a nice picture all by yourself is not the easiest of things to do. You can attest to this fact if you have tried doing so. If you travel alone very frequently and need to have a good picture when you find yourself in a beautiful environment, the easiest thing to do will be to get someone to snap you.

 While this seems easy, not everyone is comfortable asking total strangers to assist them with a picture. So, if you fall into the class of people that are not comfortable with total strangers taking pictures of them, you can always depend on a selfie stick to give you a perfect picture when you are traveling alone.

You Won’t Need a Tripod

Selfie sticks are perfect for taking pictures alone. They, however, are more important when you will be snapping with someone or a group of people. In the absence of a selfie stick, if you must take a good photograph with a group of people, you will either need to ask for the assistance of someone that is not in the group or make use of a tripod.

In addition to needing a tripod, you will also need to set a timer and just hope no one interrupts the shot.

While tripods can always help you take amazing pictures when snapping in a group, they cannot be moved around very easily. Due to this, they will not always be available. If you have a selfie stick, you can always move around with it and make the best of shots without any struggle. While you might need a bag to carry your selfie stick around, the truth is you have a deep pocket, it will be suitable for storing your selfie stick.

You Can Always Get the Angle Right

Not everyone knows how to take a good picture. This implies that you might not always get good results from asking other people to take a picture of you. There is a huge likelihood that a picture of you taken by another person will either be framed incorrectly, be blurry, or lopsided.

Now, when a picture is not taken correctly, you can always take advantage of the existence of photo editing software to fix things. That, however, might take you some extra time that you are not willing to spend.

When you make use of a selfie stick, you can always get your pictures right each time you snap. You also will not struggle with the camera angle as you know exactly what you want. While you might still need some editing, it will not be a major work.

Selfie Sticks Can be Packed Easily

You do not need a huge bag to travel with a selfie stick. This isbecause selfie sticks can be retracted and packed very easily. While selfie sticks are popularly known to be small and easy to pack into your small traveling bag, they are also light. When you have them in your bag, their weight is usually infinitesimal. This means you won’t have to deal with some extra weight because you have a selfie stick in your bag.

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Buying A New Car – Top 5 Things To Consider



Top 5 Things To Consider

It is an exciting feeling – knowing you are going to be buying a new car in the near future. Whether your old car is past its sell by date or you want a bigger vehicle to seat more people, it is important that you consider all your options before you make such an expensive purchase.

Do I Actually Need a New Car?

Buying a new car is not cheap and you should only make that kind of commitment if you need to. Before you take the plunge and purchase a new car, ask yourself:

  • Is there anything wrong with my old car?
  • Would it be cheaper to fix my old car?
  • Am I ready for another big financial commitment?
  • Can I afford to buy a new car?

What Is the Purpose of The Car?

Before you even consider purchasing a new car, you must know the primary reason you are purchasing it. Are you simply looking for a standard vehicle which will get you from place to place, or are you looking for something a little more special, such as a convertible to use in the summer? Whatever reason it may be, it is important you target your vehicle searches towards its purpose. You do not want to be looking at big, family sized cars if you only want something small to drive you to and from work.

Tailor your search to your specific needs and it will make car hunting less stressful.

What Is My Budget?

Not everyone has the same budget when buying a new car. You may only be able to afford a secondhand vehicle, which means you have room to bargain down a car you may be interested in buying from someone in your area. If done right, you may be able to save yourself $100 or more. However, if you are looking to purchase a new car from a showroom, you will have to know exactly how much cash you will need.

Before you decide what car you would like to own, set out a maximum budget so you know how much cash you are working with.

Option of Leasing

For some people, buying a new car out right is a big commitment, particularly if they cannot necessarily afford to, which is when the leasing vs owning debate comes into play.

When you lease a car, you are essentially renting it out for a long period of time. Typically, when you lease a car you use it for around two to four years before giving it back, which is ideal for anyone who likes the idea of changing their car regularly. Leasing a car is also a brilliant option for anyone who prefers paying smaller upfront costs and does not like big financial commitments.

Is This the Best Price?

There are hundreds of thousands of cars on the market, are you sure this is the best deal you can find? Whenever you consider purchasing a new car, it is important that you look around before you make any drastic commitments.

Find the exact car or type of car you are looking to purchase and browse the internet for the best deal, make enquiries and look in your local area to ensure you are getting the best deal you can possibly secure.

Happy car hunting.

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and everyone is busy finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. Even though many presents are available, roses remain the best Valentine’s Day present to date. Who would not love to see a bunch of roses at their doorsteps or to receive roses on a romantic date? While roses signify love, affection, and admiration, it is often saddening to realise that their beauty is fleeting. But worry not because preserved roses are now available in the market! Thus one can enjoy its beauty for a long time; often, up to a year. Now let’s see what preserved roses are.

What are Preserved Roses?

  • Eternity roses are real roses that are preserved using a mixture of glycerine and other elements. The two-day process rehydrates the roses and keeps them natural for a long time.
  • They do not require exposure to sunlight, and there is no need to replace them every now and then.
  • The process of preserving is different from that of drying and pressing roses. In the case of dried roses, the makers completely remove the water content while drying, which diminishes their colour and the natural look. But in case of preserved ones, the rawness remains, and the roses last longer.
  • One of the most appealing features is that they require less maintenance. Since they do not need watering, one can conserve water as well. As they lack pollen, they do not attract insects. Eternal roses are a favourite among people who are allergic to pollen.
  • They usually last more than a year. If kept in a safe place, they can last up to three to ten years!
  • While thinking of buying eternal roses, one might be confused about its fragrance. If so, enchanted eternal roses are also available in the market.
  • Preserved roses are now becoming one of the most popular gifts. One can also use these roses for a variety of other occasions.
  • One can use them as luxury home décor and events that require floral arrangements due to their aesthetic appearance. One can keep them in vases or shelves, which adds to the room’s setting and need not replace them frequently, as is the case with real flowers.
  • Just like regular roses, eternal roses come in different colours. They also come in containers which are of different sizes and shapes.
  • These eternal roses have an advantage over roses which are preserved using resin mixture. While resin is a substance that could harm the environment, eternal roses are eco-friendly.

Roses are not just pleasant smelling or aesthetically appealing gifts. They also symbolise love, affection and admiration one has for their loved ones. To receive roses is a delightful experience, but to receive roses that will last for a long time is beyond exciting. Although different types of flowers are available in preserved form, roses are gaining more popularity due to their beauty and symbolism. These flowers are one of the latest innovations in the floral industry, and people all around love them due to their timelessness. If one is looking for a perfect gift for their loved ones, it is ideal to go for eternal roses. They never fail to conquer hearts.

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Sweep her off her feet with these super cute valentines gifts



valentines gifts

It’s amazing how the woman you love, be it your wife or your girlfriend knows you so well. Her deeper understanding of you as a person makes her a pro at selecting the best of the best presents for you. For everything that she has done for you, it’s time to return the favour. Seize the upcoming opportunity on Valentine’s Day and surprise her with a beautiful gift just like her. If you get stuck on the way, don’t worry. You’ve got our back.

We’ve enlisted down a list of super-cute Valentine’s Day gifts  to impress your woman and show your love for her this season:

  1.Premium Chocolate Box

Why not celebrate love together with a personalised box of premium Valentine’s chocolates? Sounds perfect, right? Well, if she is a big-time chocolate eater, it’s an added bonus. Surprise her with an exclusive chocolate box engraved with her pictures and messages. It’ll instantly brighten her day.

   2.Mantra Bangle

Let’s face it: There are going to be days when you wouldn’t be around her when she feels low. For such times, a mantra bangle will do your job of pulling her up with the much-needed motivation. The engraved quote on the bangle will remind her of how incredible she is regardless of the challenges and bad days.

   3.Knit Lounge Set

If there’s one thing you should know, women love stylish yet cosy loungewear. In that case, there’s nothing better than a knit lounge set. So, pick a chic knit set in her favourite colour and give it to her on Valentine’s Day. It’s indeed the best Valentine’s Day gift for her!

   4.Hanging Planters

She has a soft spot for gardening, doesn’t she? Well, in that case, take her by surprise with a beautiful hanging planter. These planters are an excellent choice for creating a small garden at home. So, pick a popular macrame style or porcelain pots with steel wires and rubber stoppers.

  5.Wellness Journal

You already know the positive effects of journalising, don’t you? Well, it’s time your lady love knows its benefits too! This Valentine’s Day, give her a beautiful wellness journal and motivate her to take at least five minutes of her day to pour down her thoughts daily into it. That way, she’ll learn to clear her mind and keep all the negative vibes away. Thanks to the journal!

  6.Cross Band Plush Slippers

When she’s at home on her days off, she can sit back and relax in these adorable furry plush slippers. Get it as a Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or girlfriend and wait to look at her reaction. Believe us when we say she is going to love its chic pattern and the comfort that comes along with it.

  7.Love Box

This V-Day, curate a box of love for your beautiful Valentine. Drop some classic Valentine’s Day gifts in the box, such as love notes, heart-shaped charms, red roses, mini scented candles, and so on. Give it to her on Valentine’s Day and watch her break into a hug on opening the present. In case she lives miles away from you, send this love box to her. It’s indeed a super-cute long-distance Valentine’s gift too!

With our above-mentioned Valentine’s gift ideas for her, we are sure that you will win her heart this year. Keep in mind that you pick a gift based on her personal taste and style. It’ll tell her how much you pay close attention to details. Thank us later! 😉

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