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How to Choose the Best PG Accommodation That Feels Like Home in Chennai



Best PG Accommodation

You’ve packed your bags and are ready to go. You are maybe listening to ‘Time to move on’ in a loop – equal parts excited and apprehensive. And of course, you find it heart-wrenching to leave the familiar – friends, family, the home you love. For students, stepping out from home for the first time, it becomes difficult initially to adjust to a new place, learn to stay with new people, get acquainted with a new area.

In all this newness, the place you choose to stay in can be an anchor to ground your new life on. Provided you choose the place wisely.

Allow us to give you some suggestions that will help you find the perfect PG in Chennai, that feels just like home.

A new-age Avtaar of PGs in Coimbatore, these places offer a vibrant co-living environment where like-minded people put up together in private spaces, sharing common places like the kitchen, entertainment zones, etc. It is preferred by most because it has a community vibe that helps them to gel well, all the daily amenities are bundled in one package, and the shared rental space costs lesser as well.

Always Prioritize Comfort

Ideal sq. ft. area per person is a real metric that PGs should factor in. The appropriate distancing between furniture in a room is also another important metric. You shouldn’t have to live in a cramped space – sacrificing your privacy, physical space, and mental peace, just because the PG owner wants to make a quick buck. The place you choose should be a healthy balance of personal space (rooms and private spaces) with intelligently designed common zones (dining areas, common entertainment rooms, open-air spaces, etc). Some popular professionally managed accommodation spaces like Stanza Living factor in a whole host of design rules to create a space suitable for the new-age customer. A place that you will love to come back to at the end of a hard day. A place that will make you instantly relax and feel comfortable in, just like home.

Convenience is your Right

The next thing on your checklist should be a place that takes care of all your daily living needs. Delicious and nutritious meals, washed and ironed laundry, dusted and cleaned rooms, covered? Well that means, more time to read a book, challenge your roommate to a video game or even pick up an extra college project if you are so inclined. And if you were looking for more reasons to convince you, well how about not having to bother about additional monthly expenses? Go for managed accommodation that covers everything and trust us, you won’t regret the decision.

Don’t Be Taken in by Schemes

Leasing an empty flat can appear to be less expensive than an outfitted one yet when you include the cost of purchasing basic furniture, moving-in expenses, etc., you’ll wonder why you didn’t pick a furnished place. Likewise, if a PG in Chennai offers you an all-inclusive package that factor in bills for utilities and amenities, it might seem more substantial upfront, but often works out to competitive or even cheaper than what you would spend accessing all these facilities separately. Not to mention the energy and time that you will have to additionally expand on running the household.

So, always remember to do the full math before you pick a place. It is also a good idea to weigh in all that you would need to make a place truly comfortable for you – be it the physical amenities and services or even whether rules and regulations around curfews, visitors, your lifestyle even suit you. We recommend, that once you have made up your mind, you should get a formal and transparent agreement, so you get what you are paying for. With a place to stay sorted, we are sure the city will feel so much more like home.

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5 Things to Remember When Buying Artworks for Your Home



Artworks for Your Home

Not all of us are naturally good at choosing artwork to add more style to our home. Many of us still find it challenging what piece of art looks great or not to hang on our walls, which puts us in a difficult situation considering that artworks have a hefty price tag most of the time.

And while questions such as “how do I pick the right colour combination or right size that fits my home’s space?” and how can I combine different artworks that complement each other? Questions like these are very common, and most of the time, it’s very difficult to determine where to begin.

If you’re stuck on making a decision what kind of artwork best fits your home, or you already have an idea but don’t know where to begin, here’s our simple but very handy guide towards choosing art pieces that perfectly fit your home and style.

1. Always Consider the Available Space on Your Wall

Before anything else, you must determine the amount of space available on your wall before purchasing any Original Art online. If you want to get the exact sizing, you must grab your measuring tape right now. Having a larger wall is a plus since you have a lot of space to fit in one or more art pieces. You can buy a huge painting or choose smaller ones to create a gallery wall.

An excellent starting point is to combine and complement different styles and colours for a more wonderful appeal. You can also assess what you currently have on your wall so that you can decide and choose what piece of art to add that fits there perfectly.

2. Consider Your Current Decorations

Before deciding on a new painting for a specific section of your home, you must get an overview of your current furniture and decor. If you have neutral and simple furniture and decor, go for a colourful and rich art piece to wonderfully complement the environment. If that section of your house has enough texture and colour, choose a more subdued and simple art piece to prevent overcrowding.

3. Combine Complementary Colours and Styles

Wall art has different style categories that will help you identify different pieces that you’re attracted to. You can boldly combine different styles and colours or perhaps stay with your preferred genre if it feels right for you. You can also choose Original Art that is sold as a set or a pair.

There is no exact formula of combining artworks through their colour and styles, but make sure they complement each other.

4. Focus on Your Home’s Focal Point

When shopping for artwork for a specific section of your home, always keep in mind where the focal point is. For example, if you have a large amount of space on your wall, always choose a larger artwork with captivating design and colours so that your guests can easily distinguish which part of your home is the focal point. Also, you can create a gallery wall filled with smaller framed artworks.

5. Base It on Your Interior Theme

If your home’s style or design follows a specific theme, it would be appropriate that the artwork you’re trying to add matches it. Try buying a wall art that fits your home’s theme so that it won’t look awkward. For example, if your home’s theme is modern, it’s best to choose a simple artwork with minimalist pattern or abstract. Or perhaps, if your home has that rustic and traditional theme, go for classic artworks.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, always remember to shop for artworks with an open and creative mind. Choose what your heart desires because it will always look great in your home.

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What to Look for When Buying Replacement Vinyl Windows



Replacement Vinyl Windows

Planning all the details of a repair is not an easy task. You need to decide how to protect your veranda or garden house from wind, rain, snow, and dust. Vinyl windows are an excellent solution to environmental problems. But how to make the right choice?

What Are Vinyl Windows and How to Use Them?

Vinyl windows are made from a soft material crafted by mixing ethylene with chlorine. Windows are usually used to cover verandas and pavilions, but sometimes, they are installed in houses.


  • Good thermal conductivity. Windows keep heat well and do not let cold and wind inside.
  • Durability. Windows will perform their functions for at least eight years.
  • Easy installation. No need to adjust frames and slopes to the size of the windows.
  • Cost-efficiency. If you choose high-quality PVC windows, you can forget about exchanging them for up to 10 years.


  • Extreme weather problems. The probability of such an event is minimal, but if the temperature is very high and the sun is excessively scorching, then the windows may turn yellow.
  • It can’t be repaired. If the windows’ material deteriorates or tears, then the only way out is to replace it.

How to Choose and What to Look for

Follow simple steps to keep selection mistakes to a minimum.

  1. Pay attention to reviews. Even if friends advised the suppliers, you need to check all the information on the Internet. It’s easy to do this on Google because every active enterprise has honest user reviews.
  2. The prestige of the company. The following things say about the status of the company of professionals: a good website, fast communication, guarantees, provision of samples, clear consultation.
  3. Real value. Analyze the average cost of a service in the market to understand the real price. Too high a price is just a deception, an attempt to make money on those who do not understand the issue. Too low a price raises questions about the quality of materials and the reliability of workers.
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Can You Renovate Your Home on Your Own?



Renovate Your Home

If you are thinking of undertaking some form of home renovation, you will have no doubt spotted just how expensive this can be. Rather than pay the high fees it will take to have someone else complete this work for you, you might be tempted to try it yourself. Here are some of the areas you could tackle on your own.

Laying Flooring

If you want wood floors around your home, you might think that you have no choice but to get in touch with a professional to get them laid neatly. However, this is actually a task that you could take on yourself. All you need to do is pick up the perfect floor from a high quality seller like

These kits will often come with a set of instructions that will tell you how to best lay the floor. You might even find that all you need is some simple tools that you might already have around your home. Should you get stuck, you will find so many tutorials online that can help you puzzle it out and move forward.

Never be afraid to take on the challenge of renovating your floors; by speaking with the experts at a good wood flooring shop UK, you can go into the process feeling confident with your abilities.

Changing Your Kitchen

You might not be able to completely change your kitchen design, especially if you are renting or you simply don’t have the budget to change things up. However, there are some small things that you can do which could make it feel like a whole new room.

One of the best is to invest in some special heat-proof stickers. These can be used to transform your countertops. Want a marble-effect but can’t afford to replace your existing work surfaces? These stickers are going to be just what you need! Since they are stickers, they are also a great option for renters as they allow you to put your own splash on the place without damaging what’s underneath.


At the end of the day, everyone is able to pick up a paintbrush and add something special to their home that way. There are so many small changes that you can make with paint – you don’t always have to paint a whole wall. Even just making a few small changes such as painting an alcove could completely transform the room.

Just make sure that you are careful when painting. Always lay down dustsheets so you don’t damage your floor, and put painter’s tape along the ceiling so you get a nice sharp line. Taking it easy and methodically will be your best bet here.

Can you renovate your home on your own? While there will be some things that the professionals should handle, there is no reason why you cannot take on aspects of your home renovation yourself. Take a look around your house today. What is there that you would like to change? With the right attitude and a willingness to put the work in, you should be able to transform your space yourself!

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