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How to Care for Your Motorcycle Suspension



Care for Your Motorcycle Suspension

You have all kinds of high-performance bikes such as the Yamaha YZF-R1, KTM 450SXF, and the Husqvarna Svartpilen 701. These are just a few of the many motorcycles you can get a glimpse of, on the road nowadays. However, they are only going to look good and perform great whenever the owners properly maintain it every day.

One area of motorcycles you need to pay close attention to is the suspension. Some pretty good suspension manufacturers deliver quality products. But, if you are planning on buying a good one like KYB or Kayaba motorcycle suspension for your motorcycle, you should definitely take care of it as early as you can. If you have just begun your motorcycle adventure, no worries, read on to find out tips and tricks on how to care for the suspension:

Regular Cleaning

This is the most basic form of maintaining any part of your motorcycle, especially with the suspensions. When you are driving on the road daily, you’ll never know what dirt or dust will get inside the suspensions. These are silent killers as it will gradually cause issues for the suspensions. Even something as simple as spraying water on the suspension is already enough to ensure it gets cleaned.

Inspect the Oil

Most of the time, your newly bought motorcycle will come with a manual that will tell you when you need to change the oil. However, when you get a new suspension, you may have to make changes to your regular oil change schedule. Usually, any type of suspension should have its oil changed at least once every year. For those who use their bikes daily, you may need to change the oil more often than usual. You should also consider the terrain you drive on. Dusty roads can potentially deteriorate the suspension oil faster. And if you plan on doing long-distance rides, always check the oil if it is full. If not, you should add more.

Inspect the Seals

The seals keep the oil inside and prevent dirt from entering the internals of the suspension. Over time, bits of rock may come flying and hit the seals, causing the oil to leak out slowly. It is critical for any type of oil leak to be dealt with as soon as possible. A good tip to check if the seal is broken is to wash it, ride the bike a few times, and check whether there’s oil coming out.

Inspect Inner Tubes

The inner sliding tube will get damaged at some point, so you need to inspect it every time you ride. These tubes are usually slick when you feel them. But when it stops feeling slick, there is a big chance it may be damaged, thus creating oil leaks. Some expert mechanics usually do not replace the entire inner tubes if they can be fixed, for instance, dents and nicks.

Inspect Shock Springs

Normally, you would think it is almost impossible to damage the shock springs because they’re entirely protected. But you must agree that there’s still a chance the springs will break, so you should inspect it. Disassembling it is difficult, so you have the option to take it to a motorcycle shop so that mechanics can inspect the springs.

If you need to replace broken parts of your suspension, you can contact any one of the several companies selling branded parts like Kayaba motorcycle suspension. If you get your parts from a reliable supplier, you can expect your suspensions to last longer than usual.

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All About Zero Depreciation Add-On Under Bike Insurance



All About Zero Depreciation Add-On Under Bike Insurance

If you have decided to insure your bike using a comprehensive policy, congratulations! You have taken a step in the right direction in safeguarding your bike. Without purchasing an insurance policy, you cannot be a hundred percent sure of not having to incur expenses for repairs or damages. However safe you ride, there are other vehicles that cannot be guaranteed to be driven with the same level of safety. This where a bike insurance policy comes into picture to save you from burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover a comprehensive policy benefits by providing coverage for own damage apart from the basic policy cover for third-party liabilities only.

Although not all damages are covered by a comprehensive bike insurance plan, one such exception is depreciation on your bike. At the time of the claim, the insurance company deducts the depreciation of your vehicle to settle the claim amount. While it is a standard practice to account for depreciation, it substantially reduces the claim amount. However, you can avoid this reduction of claim amount by purchasing a zero depreciation add-on.

What is a zero depreciation add-on?

Zero depreciation add-on is an optional coverage available for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans. With this additional coverage, you can be sure that you receive the entire amount of spares that are required in the repair of your bike. Although that doesn’t imply you shall receive the entire cost of repairs. You will still be required to pay the mandatory deductible as per the terms of the policy.

Why is it important to purchase a zero depreciation add-on?

Depreciation is the phenomenon that all motor vehicles are subject to and it reduces their value over time. At the time of repairs, the insurers deduct this depreciation from its payout. Some insurers offer zero depreciation included in its standard comprehensive policy. On opting for this additional cover, you can be rest assured that the entire amount of spares required for replacement shall be paid by the insurer.

Benefits of zero depreciation cover vis-a-vis its cost

This depreciation waiver by using a zero depreciation add-on benefits by reducing the out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum, if not entirely zero. The savings in payment at the time of claim make up for the cost of additional coverage. Moreover, these add-on covers do not require you to shell out a lot of money, but are highly affordable. Just for a fraction of your premium amount, you can opt for this additional coverage and avail maximum payout at the time of settlement. If you don’t have one at present, buying one at the time of two wheeler insurance renewal will definitely benefit in the long run.

Apart from zero depreciation add-on, there are quite a few add-ons that can be added to your policy coverage. This will help to enhance the bike insurance coverage significantly. If budget is something that you are worried about, using a two wheeler insurance premium calculator can help you consider the right set of add-ons to combine with the zero depreciation cover. To conclude, do not miss buying a zero-depreciation add-on with your comprehensive plan as it significantly enhance the scope of the policy for a marginal increase in premium.

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Does Your Car Insurance Have a Cashless Claim Facility?



Does Your Car Insurance Have a Cashless Claim Facility?

Cashless insurance was first introduced in the health insurance sector where it started to gain popularity. This led the general insurance companies to bring this concept into other areas like car and bike insurance, home insurance, etc. The Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory to have an insurance policy for all car owners. While a third-party car insurance is a minimum requirement, you can upgrade your coverage to a comprehensive policy.

Now coming to insurance payouts, there are two methods – cashless or reimbursement. This article elaborates on the cashless facility available for car insurance plans.

What is cashless insurance?

Insurance companies have tie-ups with service centres for hassle-free repairs to your vehicle. Here, you need not worry about arranging funds for the cost of repairs and damages at insurance claim. Thus, the convenience scales above all benefits to rank higher.

An understanding of cashless insurance cover

When you are searching for car insurance online, make sure you purchase a policy with a cashless facility where the insurance company takes care of the repair costs. Barring a few expenses like the deductible, you need not pay for the repairs.

How does cashless claim work?

To raise a claim using the cashless facility, you need to take your vehicle at one of the listed network garages. These network garages are affiliated with the insurer where a cashless facility can be availed. For other service stations, you might be required to pay from your own pocket at first and then claim a reimbursement. Since you choose to repair your vehicle at a network garage, the insurance claim process is faster with lesser need for documentation.

Step by step process to make a claim using the cashless facility

Here is a detailed step by step process for you to understand how to make a claim using the cashless insurance facility.

Step 1: In the event of an accident or damage, the first step is to intimate the insurance company, and if need be, file an FIR with the police station of that jurisdiction.

Step 2: The insurance company will arrange an inspection at the spot by a surveyor and tow your vehicle to the nearest network garage.

Step 3: On assessment of the damage at the network garage, the estimated cost of repairs shall be sent for approval to the insurance company. Only after the approval, the repairs shall be commenced. Any repairs that do not fall in the scope of your policy shall be required to be paid from your own pocket.

Step 4: On completion of the repairs, all invoices shall be sent to the insurance company. At this stage, you shall be required to pay for the mandatory deductibles and other expenses that do not fall in the purview of your policy while your insurer settles the balance amount directly with the network garage. In case your vehicle is damaged beyond repair, the insurer shall pay the IDV of your vehicle as compensation.

Note the above benefits and the easy steps that make using a cashless insurance facility a breeze. While you select from myriad choices, make use of a car insurance premium calculator that can assist not only your first purchase, but also car insurance renewal.

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Things to Consider Before Deciding to Upgrade Your Car



Upgrade Your Car

You may always feel the need to make the latest car upgrade once you have noticed that manufacturers have new components released, right? The urge to purchase and revamp your car may be vital if it has been used for years. You can also justify a car enhancement if it suits your personal goals or fits well with its intended purpose. However, before you head on and check for car part prices, consider these important things.

Does the Car Part Need Immediate Replacement?

Before you consider a car part replacement, ask yourself. Do I really need this part replaced? Or can the replacement be postponed for some other time? Making a reflective decision based on an informed choice is essential as it will save you from unwarranted spending and maximize the functionality of the car part involved. It is also recommended to check for the car part’s warranty to utilize this feature before making a new purchase. If you need a specific car part replacement, you can look online for xforce exhaust and check for similar products in their collection.

Is the Car Part Affordable and Within Your Budget?

One of the most important things to consider before making that car part purchase is whether the said part can be bought within your budget. It would not be ideal to make an expensive car part purchase.  A related concern is that you should only make a car item purchase given the right time. However, if the need outweighs the allocated budget and you find that it is convenient to make a car part replacement, that is the ideal time to make the purchase. Alternatively, you can check for cheaper aftermarket auto parts suppliers like the xforce exhaust. They offer an extensive collection of car part modifications and supplies to help you with your future modding projects.

Can You Install the Part Yourself? Or Do You Need Professional Assistance?

As a number one rule for consumers, you should never invest in an item that has nothing to do with your intended purchase.  Never buy something that you have no prior knowledge about; Aside from being inconvenient, buying things you do not have complete knowledge of can only lead to wasted money and investment. Before making that purchase:

  1. Research the car part itself, its use, price ranges, and present market value.
  2. Never go on a spending spree without doing some additional research. If you are having trouble installing it yourself, then consider resorting to professional help.
  3. Be a wise consumer!

Some numerous factors and considerations need to be evaluated before deciding to make a car part upgrade. Such factors are crucial in determining whether the car enhancement is justifiable, practical, and efficient in meeting performance demands. Consequently, it is essential to recognize if the modification fits within the budget or if the car part needs immediate replacement. Knowing these things will help you make your future decisions, but it can also give you more information on purchasing.

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