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Why Arsenal must replace Arsene Wenger with Carlo Ancelotti as soon as possible



Arsene Wenger

It isn’t often that a top, top European manager becomes available a few weeks into the start of the season. With Bayern Munich sacking Carlo Ancelotti last week, that rare occurrence is upon us.

The Italian has been one of the most successful coaches in the continent for over a decade now, winning three Champions League trophies along with league titles in Italy, England, France and Germany. Bayern’s underwhelming start to the season though, led to his downfall, culminating in a 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Paris Saint-Germain last week.

Ancelotti is the closest you’d come to a perfect modern-day manager. He has been thoroughly loved by the fans everywhere he’s been, had a successful playing career and coaches an open, attacking and entertaining style of football. His Chelsea team of 2009/10 scored a record 103 league goals, while his Real Madrid side of 2014/15 managed 118 in La Liga.

Arsenal must act NOW to sign him up

Arsenal have been holding to Arsene Wenger for quite a while now, despite facing huge amounts of backlash from fans. The Gunners’ lack of success over the last decade was compounded by their inability to qualify for the Champions League last season. This was the first time they had finished outside the top 4 since Wenger’s first full season in charge back in 1997, and the supporters saw this as a new low, one the Frenchman couldn’t recover from.

There have been talks of Diego Simeone and Massimiliano Allegri replacing Wenger at the Emirates in the past couple of years. These managers though, follow very different philosophies from the one the Arsenal manager has established over the past two decades. Their tactical, calculative approach calls for a more defensively sound and counter-attacking style, while Wenger is tended towards open and expansive football.

Ancelotti will not only continue that philosophy with Arsenal, but he will also bring in the mental strength and winning mentality that they’ve lacked for so long. In his previous stint in England with Chelsea, his team was built on both flair and on raw power, with a truly terrifying midfield containing Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack, Michael Essien and Deco. He was able to keep these European stalwarts happy and find their best positions on the pitch. Ask any Blues fan, and he’ll tell you that the Ancelotti-era was the most enjoyable one from the point of view of a watcher.

The Arsenal board must act as soon as possible to make this switch. Ancelotti will need some time to stamp his authority on the squad, and Wenger has long overstayed his welcome anyway. There’s no time like the present.

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How to Build a Perfect Fantasy Cricket Team?




Fantasy Cricket Team

 Fantasy app download has become one of the most trending topics to be talked about in not only India but the entire world. It is an online game in which the players need to create a team virtually from a group of cricketers to earn points by the way perform in a match. As discussed above, a fantasy cricket league or game is not very easy to win. The users can earn minimal prizes just by choosing some good players and trying their luck.

Although, for earning big the users must put in higher efforts for a better analysis of the minute details to choose the team properly. You just need to pick the 11 best players for that specific match who can have the highest chances of performing good and increasing their points in return. However, mentioned below are some tips and tricks that can lead to you build the perfect fantasy cricket team:  

  • Performance of players  

The foremost thing to be checked is if a player has played recently in a match or not. You should never choose a player only because he was considered a good performer just a few months ago. The latest performances, as well as form, are much more important than the career record of the player because the earnings are dependent on the performance in a one day match. Although, in the case of a league, you can choose as many players you want for your time.

  • Choose top-order batsmen 

Another important trick that is assured to work is choosing potential top-order batsmen, particularly in the t20 matches. As because they have to go through the highest count of deliveries, it can be naturally expected that the players can score larger runs.

  • Pitch and weather report analysis 

Analysis of the pitch and weather report is another thing that is not paid enough heed to by the majority of players on fantasy cricket. In case of a dry and slow pitch in an afternoon scheduled game, you must choose more of spinners for your team and not a swing bowler.

  • Selecting vice-captain and captain 

This is one such fantasy cricket tip that just cannot be missed out. The proper selection of captain and vice-captain for your team is very important. Both of these decisions can be the difference between winning as well as losing the league or game. The captain of each fantasy cricket team gets good points once you manage to choose the two top-rated gamers as the captain and vice-captain, it can be tough for anybody to remove you from your position.

These are some very useful tips that can help you in building the perfect fantasy cricket online team. As you know, for ensuring higher chances of winning a game, it is important to have a team that will be capable enough. Hence, it is crucial to building up your team with potential players so that they don’t decrease the chances of you winning the game or league.

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Various Points to Consider When You Choose Your Team Players For Football Fantasy League




Football Fantasy League

The use of technology is not limited to only shopping purposes rather the people are using it for almost all the purposes. The smartphones and the internet are not less than a revolution for the whole economy. They had made our lives much easier and convenient to live. Your smartphone may be flooded with so many applications and most of the applications will be relating to the social media sites. But now, it’s time to gear up and start making use of your gaming skills to win exciting rewards. The gaming industry is proved to be the most growing industry due to the emerging trends for games.

But now people must start making some good use of your smartphone by downloading the fantasy games applications. The fantasy games are the most wanted gaming application which has changed the meaning of the game. You can now easily play a fantasy football league with the help of a fantasy game application. There are many applications available and you can choose the one which offers you more features and convenience. There are so many football lovers out there and now it’s time to show your football lobe by playing fantasy football.

The best part of this game is you can win exciting cash rewards by winning the game. The money factor is always a center of attraction for most of people and it’s time to earn cash rewards by doing nothing. You can play your favorite game and can earn. There are many features offered by the online fantasy apps like they are now linking the online payment account of the player so that the player can easily make or withdraw the rewards any time they want. You can easily refer your game to your friends and can earn some extra points and so on.

But the most important part of the game is to select the team. This is a step where most of the people commit mistakes and reduces their chances to win the game. So, if you are also going to play fantasy football then you must think about the team first. The team plays an extremely important role in fantasy football. But you need to learn so many things about the team before you actually start playing this game. Here we will discuss some of the points that you should follow when you pick your team of fantasy football. These are as follows:

  • Don’t forget to shift your goalkeepers: Many people just rely on only one goalkeeper and keep him in one place only. But it is important for the players to know that they must keep shifting them. With this, you can increase your chances to win the game. So, you must learn that when, where, and how to shift the goalkeepers.
  • Choose your goalkeepers and defenders carefully: This is the most important thing that players underestimate when they play fantasy football. You must carefully choose your goalkeepers as well as defenders for the game. One wrong decision may let you lose the game for no reason. Many people choose their goalkeepers from the different clubs and this is not right and it will even reduce your chances of winning the game.
  • Spend the right time and money in selecting the defenders: Those who underestimate the defense portion of the game cannot win the game in any case. You must keep in mind about the defense in the game to win. You can spend more money on selecting the defenders and they must be carefully selected. Choosing the right ones will definitely add more value to your game and you cannot underestimate it.
  • Choosing from the wrong player’s clubs: This is also one of the common mistakes that players commit by picking players from the wrong club. You need not to be blindly involved in a player’s club. You may think that choosing players from the biggest six clubs will help you win but there are many risks involved.
  • Choose the players who do play: Many people just go for their budget and end up choosing the one who is cheapest and don’t even play in the game. So, make sure that the players that you are going to choose must play. But you need to undertake every possible point to assess the players before selecting the. You can invest in good players who will play the best for you rather than going for something that is not sure.
  • Do your research: Trusting on anybody for no cause is not right and you must avoid doing it. You need to carefully do the research of the game before you actually play. Just listening to its name and getting yourself enrolled in it without even a second thought will not generate any benefit for you. So, you must search well about the players who are currently playing, in what season they are playing, how they are playing, and so on.
  • Know the rules: It is very important for you to know that rules are very important for every game especially in the fantasy football game. There are prescribed set of rules for almost all the game that is available for the people to play. For example, if you are enrolled in football then you must read rules for how to play football and in cricket about cricket rules, and so on.
  • Make faster changes: In a fantasy football app, you must be aware and alert to every change coming in the game. You must adapt to the changes faster. You must make changes in the game as and when required. The changes can be related to the shifting of the players, transferring the players who got injured, and so on.

So, these are the following tips which you must follow while you play fantasy football. Not only football, but you can try many other online fantasy games too. You can play online fantasy cricket, hockey, basketball, kabaddi, etc. So, don’t wait and just download the fantasy application and get yourself registered.

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Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Saved Games




gta vice city save game

Download gta vice city save game:

These are the saved game files of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City. If you have a brand new game installation of GTA VC, it is recommended that you start the game first, and then exit it right after the first mission starts. This will create some required files and folders in My Document folder where are the saved games are stored.

Instructions to Use Saved Files of GTA VC

  • Download the saved file first.
  • Unzip the zipped file (Saved Files are Zipped).
  • Copy the “GTAVCsf1.b” named file from zipped folder and paste it to the directory of “GTA Vice City User Files” which is located at following directory “C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents”.
  • Start the game load first saved game and enjoy.

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Saved Games (Mission Wise)



Mission Name Save File
The Party Download
Back Alley Brawl Download
Jury Fury Download
Road Kill Download
Riot Download
Four Iron Download
Demolition Man Download
Treacherous Swine Download
Mall Shootout Download
Waste the Wife Download
Guardian Angels Download
The Chase Download
Phnom Penh 86 Download
Sir, Yes Sir Download
The Fastest Boat Download
Autocide Download
Supply and Demand Download
Two Bit Hit Download
Death Row Download
All Hands on Deck Download
Rub Out Download
Shake Down Download
Bar Rawl Download
Cop Land Download
Love Juice Download
Check Out at the Check in Download
Stunt Boat Challenge Download
Cannon Fodder Download
Naval Engagement Download
Juju Scramble Download
Bombs Away Download
Dirty Lickings Download
Trojan Voodoo Download
Psycho Killer Download
Alloy Wheels of Steel Download
Messing with the Man Download
Hot Tied Download
Publicity Tour Download
No Escape Download
The Shootist Download
The Driver Download
The Job Download
Loose Ends Download
Gun Runner Download
Boomshine Saigon Download
Recruitment Drive Download
Dildo Dodo Download
Marthas Mug Shot Download
G-Spotlight Download
Spilling the Beans Download
Hit the Courier Download
V.I.P Download
Friendly Rivalry Download
Cabmaggedon Download
Checkpoint Charlie Download
Car Showroom Download
Distribution Download
Pole Position Club Download
Vice Point Download
Ocean Heigist Apartment Download
Cap The Collector Download
Keep Your Friends Close Download
Hymah Condo Download

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