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A Complete Rundown On Marine Insurance



A Complete Rundown On Marine Insurance

Globalisation has witnessed business having a global presence. Unlike having a local reach earlier, now organisations aspire to go global. Although the risk hasn’t significantly reduced, it can be supported by a strong business plan. A plan supported by a robust logistic system along with the right packaging for your product is essential. But since the risk in transportation of goods has remained more or less the same, it has emphasized the importance of having commercial insurance for your goods – a marine insurance cover.

A marine insurance policy helps to protect your goods against any damages that may be caused during transit. The policy coverage is not only limited to transit, but also when docked at the ports. Uninsured damages to these goods can have an adverse financial impact on your business.

What are the features of a marine insurance cover?

Marine cargo policy comes handy to protect the insured goods against material damages. These damages may lead to rejection, thereby leading to business losses. Here are some noteworthy benefits of having a marine insurance cover for your goods –

#1 Comprehensive coverage: A marine insurance policy protects your goods against any damages during the transit. The policy coverage mentions the various events against which they are covered.

#2 Offers customisation: Marine insurance plans can be customised to suit your coverage requirements. A custom plan offers advantages that every business entity can take advantage of.

#3 Flexible: The flexibility in the plans give you the option to select a policy based on the value of your goods and your budget.

#4 Add-ons: Any additional coverage can be selected to increase the scope of your policy. This depends on your coverage requirements and the events you want to insure for the goods.

What should you consider when buying a marine insurance policy?

There are many reasons to consider buying a marine insurance cover some of which are highlighted below.

Analyse your needs: Analysing your coverage need help you purchase a policy that is best fit for you. Any case of losses during transit can be secured using an appropriate plan with adequate coverage.

Goods are vulnerable to theft: Often it is noticed that when transporting goods, theft may occur. This is an unfortunate case not only on interior and deserted roads but also in the urban areas. Using a marine insurance cover, any losses due to such theft can be insured helping you secure your business.

Loss or damage at sea: The damages that may occur to your consignment are unpredictable despite taking adequate measures to protect it. A marine insurance cover will not help you protect the goods, but make up for the financial loss due to the damages to your consignment.

Coverage of your marine insurance cover: An important consideration is the coverage your insurance plan offers. Make sure you opt for a plan that has the coverage you want for the goods.

Who is eligible to purchase a marine insurance cover?

Anyone who is engaged in the business of selling or buying can purchase a marine insurance policy. Even the institutions that finance these transactions can purchase a marine insurance cover and make it mandatory to have one.

These are some of the things to know about marine insurance plans. Having public liability / commercial general liability insurance for business organisations along with marine insurance cover can be useful too. So take that much-awaited insurance cover and have peace knowing the unforeseen transit events are covered by your policy.

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Most Popular Airtel Recharge Plans



Most Popular Airtel Recharge Plans

One of the most famous telecom providers in India is Airtel. This is, in fact, one of the oldest providers which are still reigning in the market. Even though some people consider Airtel to be costlier, there is no doubt that the benefits which come with the packs and the uninterrupted network facility can never be surpassed.

Since most people have been doubting Airtel, we have explained here the top Airtel recharge plans that you can avail. The best thing about this telecom provider is that you have the Airtel Payments Bank from where you can easily recharge your number and get additional coupons and promos on the transaction.

·Plan of INR 279

This is the lowest lucrative packs that Airtel is now providing to its users. It has a validity of 28 days, where each day you are offered 1.5GB high-speed internet. Even when there is no data rollback feature, you enjoy the internet package without any doubt. This pack gives you unlimited talk time, which is yet another added benefit of this pack. Hundred SMS are offered per day along with free hello tunes and other subscription benefits.

· Plan of INR 349

If you are looking for a higher internet package deal for 28 days validity, this pack of INR 349 is the perfect one. Here, each day you get 2 GB of high-speed internet data, which is enough for one day, provided you only browse your internet. Apart from this, you have unlimited talk time to both Airtel and other telecom users. With this pack, you get Amazon Prime membership and Wynk free music easily, which are the most preferred add-ons.

· Plan of INR 449

Another amazing Airtel recharge plan you can get is INR 449. This is an affordable plan where the pack lasts for 56 days. Each day, you are offered a high-speed internet balance of 2 GB, which is automatically renewed the next day. Apart from this incredible offer, you have unlimited talk time and hundred texts per day. Airtel XStream premium and Wynk music are the two main subscriptions you get for free with this plan.

· Plan of INR 698

For higher packages, INR 698 package is the best one, and it has also become quite profitable. It has a validity of 84 days, close to three months, which is indeed amazing for those who want to avoid the hassle of recharging every month. Each day, 2 GB of high-speed internet data is offered. Even though no data rollback feature is available in this pack, you will benefit a lot. Unlimited talk time is there, along with hundred texts per day. In this pack also, you get free subscriptions to Airtel XStream premium and Wynk music.


With Airtel Payments Bank, you can easily get the best Airtel, Jio, BSNL, and Vi recharge plans for yourself from Airtel. So, choose the one as per your internet needs since that’s the ultimate requirement. After all, every pack will offer you unlimited talk time and hundred texts.

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Best UI Design Trends to Check Out



Best UI Design Trends to Check Out

As we are in the second month of 2021, it’s high time to check out the new trends of design for mobile devices. Modern and new trends are shaping the development of any field, especially in mobile apps. Moreover, trends are inclined by technological and cultural background; therefore, they tend to change and establish new rules for an industry.

Today, you might have noticed that users are switching to better, faster, and easier devices that have faster applications. This is the main reason why designers strive to build out-of-the-box and comfortable user experience that no user had ever seen before.

Many of you all may think that why mobile app UI design trends keep changing and what causes the change, but it’s the progress, the constant transformation, and growth of the market for mobile devices. These new emerging trends make it easy for users to access mobile apps without any hassle and get accurate information what they are looking for.

Let’s Have a Look at the New Mobile App UI Design Trends

Motion App Design/Functional Animation

A lot of experts and leading UI/UX designers said that the functional animation is the main trend that will rule in 2021 as well. They allow users immerse in the process of interaction with the application and develop their experience.

The main idea is not to develop animation for animation, but this trend is something about to serve both logical and entertaining purposes. When it compares to the material design that is supposed to be not only practical and fast; however, it is also responsive and vivid.

The functional animation trend does not limit designers in their creativity. It is one such type of animation that has some uncongenial features, which still follow a goal and implemented in different devices despite their OS.

Whenever you are trying to make your UX more dynamic, engaging, interactive and important, you should feel free to implement such wonderful features like zooming and visual effects, animated response and more. There are different effects to choose from and responds to fit one major style.

One of the major missions of the functional animation trend is to allow users to comprehend the application and feel it from the inside. As this is the trend that allows an entertaining and fun interaction that is mainly a great plus.

New Mobile App Navigation Means

As the inception of phablets came with some new challenges and difficulties for UI/UX designers. There are lots of users, who wanted to get benefit from larger screens whereas they have also changed the way we are using to hold the portable devices.

For this main reason, all the traditional UI and UX design approaches call for reconsideration. Sticking with the old ideas and trends is not a good idea; therefore, designers are mainly to adopt new tendencies if they wanted to suffice the requirements of users’ expectations.

The main aim is to allow the users to access all the important applications and functions through thumb without facing any difficulties. However, professional designers can collect all the elements at the bottom of the screen. This is one approach that appears to be successful and it is also executed in various devices.

Apart from this, UX designers can work on some of the extra changes and enhancements. If there is a big screen, it means huge space for creativity. One of the best ideas is to make apps appear more spacious whereas the content and managing tools can be placed in the context menu.

Typography as a Major Mobile App Design Trend

On the screen, it is must that all the elements should have a clear hierarchy whereas headlines and paragraphs must be linked relatively guiding a user from one section to another without any hassle.

Today, the number of wearable devices and phablets are increasing constantly and designers should be able to execute typography making the application suitable for any gadget despite the screen dimensions. We can make use of some newly introduced typefaces that offered by both Google and Apple.

Talking about the Apple’s iOS 7, it contains refined Helvetica Neue fonts. This kind of approach made designers go ahead with handcrafted typography executed on a mobile platform. Apart from this, after the inception of Lollipop OS in 2014, Google’s Roboto font made its debut and it comes with some trends of material design that is obtainable as an open source.

We can also say that Apple’s San Francisco typeface is also a right example of a thoughtful system font that developed not only for iOS 9 and OS X, but also for Apple Watch, giving some free space between letters. These kinds of features play a major role when it comes to small screens of wearable devices.

Discoverable Controls

Many a time, mobile apps have varied sorts of controls, which are connected to one action of the app. Therefore, instant access to secondary controls is highly important and specially to do away with clutter. Users can also know through gestures like swipes and taps that allowed by the discoverable design patterns.

Taking one example, in photo editing applications, users can roll their fingers around the screen horizontally to modify the color or swipe vertically to decrease or increase brightness. By pressing-long on Pinterest images, it reveals actions, which users can use like pinning the image, share it, or comment on it.

Material Mobile App Design

At Google’s I/O conference in 2014, this trend has been introduced and it remained in demand. This high-end trend is also considered as one of the catchiest mobile app designs. While the main aim of this trend is to make it a lot simple for users to engage with different mobile platforms.

Mainly, it is originated from what we know as a flat design and it remained trendy for the last couple of years and implemented by professional UI/UX app designers growing into a common standard for different platforms. However, some of the major changes and modifications took place. The material trend got some of the advanced features of other popular design types although it looks like the same.

When it comes to comparing this trend with other trends, the material design offers an excellent user’s’ experience and simpler interaction because of the cleaner schemes, featuring simple coloring, clear iconography, and boosted functionality.

Along with delivering an excellent UX, this trend has made the hierarchy clear for the end user. Using this trend, designers can express their creativity as there are no restrictions and they can modify new changes and improvements.

So, these are the latest mobile app UI design trends that you should keep in mind while designing a mobile app for your business.

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Should you get a PS5 Right Now?



PS5 Right

The PS5 is currently the biggest gaming console in the market, right next to the Xbox Series X. The PS5 is slightly more in demand due to Sony’s upper hand, but the price tag on it makes every gamer wonder whether the investment will really be worth it.

Due to this ambiguity, a lot of people have been contemplating buying the new console by comparing its pros and cons. So, here are 3 reasons why you should buy a PS5 right now, and 3 reasons why waiting may be wise.

Regardless of what console you buy, remember to pair with a good internet connection. You can check out FirstEnergy home for some reliable and affordable packages.

Why you should buy it?

Enhanced gaming experience

A lot of people have noticed that the PS5 is comparatively larger in size than its predecessors. However, this is hardly an issue in comparison with the upgrades it offers.

Most games that may have had an average run on previous consoles give an improved performance  on the PS5; the console is powerful enough to smoothly run even the heaviest games with the best graphics. This is because of reduced loading time of games, as well as the 60 fps frame rate of the console, among other things. Graphically, characters and locations look much more realistic, making the overall gaming experience even more immersive than before.

Backward compatibility

You know when you want to get a new version of something, but don’t want to give up the old one because of certain features that are missing from the upgrade? This most likely will not be a problem with the PS5, since almost every game that was playable on the PS4 is available on the next-gen console with enhanced gameplay. This is due to the graphics and processor update in the PS5, which allows it to run a wide range of games without restrictions. There are very few exceptions to this, which will be announced with time.

Exclusive games

Of course, every shiny new console in the market brings games that are exclusively compatible with it only. Now, if you’re a hardcore gamer, the idea of playing these games as soon as they’re released may just be reason enough for you to buy the console; you will get a firsthand experience playing games that not a lot of people will have access to for a very long time.

If you just want to play the games you already like, but with an upgraded console, you will have the chance to play games like Horizon Forbidden West, Demon’s Souls, God of War: Ragnarok and Destruction AllStars on the PS5 as well, among many others.

Why you should wait

The price tag

The PS5 does come with two options, so if you’re a little bit short on money, the slightly cheaper digital version is for you. The original PS5 currently stands at USD 499, while the digital is at USD 399. The only difference will be the way you store and save your games.

The disadvantage for the digital version is that you cannot store 3 large games at once due to lack of storage space. You will be unable to use physical copies of games, which is also a drawback for people who like to have physical collections of their games.


Almost any product that launches with as high a demand as the PS5, there are people who wait to purchase it in bulk, and then resell it to their advantage in terms of market cost fluctuation. These people are called scalpers, and they contribute to the fact that anyone not from the upper-class is unable to buy a lot of high-end products.

Since the Sony’s consoles sell out almost immediately when they hit the shelves, people already have a lot of trouble getting it. With scalpers contributing to the process, a lot of people are simply unable to get the console. Hence, with the recent release, you would likely have to pay a lot more if you buy it now rather than waiting for a few months for the prices to go down.

Missing features

Being as new as it is, the PS5 has a few missing features at the moment that may be of great importance to some gamers. Firstly, it lacks customizable themes; this can make the user interface slightly bland for some people. Secondly, the PS5 does not support 8k format, which isn’t too big of an issue, since 4k works just fine, but again, a hardcore gamer who wants every bit of the promised experience will notice the difference. The features that the PS5 is currently missing are not promised in the future, but it won’t hurt to wait if you really want the full experience.

Long story short

The PS5 is definitely the shiniest new toy for every gamer right now. It’s something that everyone wants to get their hands on as soon as possible, but since it is such a huge investment, impulsiveness might make you regret your decision in the upcoming months. As things stand right now, waiting for a while for any upgrades or price fluctuations may be a good idea.

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