UAE is considered the most diversified economy in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) but the country still depends upon oil revenues for its development. It is due to this reason that the UAE government is actively trying to promote other sources of development and projects which can shift the dependence from oil-based revenues to other sectors like tourism.

The cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are the prime locations of the country which are offering investors and businesses from around the world an opportunity to expand their business in this region. The fact that UAE has an open economy and has really good trade relations with a lot of countries helps it to have a better opportunity for growth.

The UAE government is trying to focus on different factors such as infrastructure, tourism, power generation, etc. The result is the huge number of projects in UAE which are either already undergoing or are slated to undergo in near future. With the right to host World Expo 2020, UAE is really looking forward to increased economic growth and development in future.

The interesting and beneficial part of these projects is the procurement system of the Ministry of Finance. The UAE government is known to follow a fair and transparent system for tendering and awarding contracts (eProcurement System). This system allows the Ministry to invite tenders for various projects and also announce the contracts. It consists of a tenders and auction system which ensures the success of the purchases and also helps in reducing administrative as well as financial costs (due to the participation of suppliers and dealers in tenders, auctions, and bids). The invitations expected for projects are made public and is accompanied by a clear set of guidelines that the bidders must follow.

UAE is considered to have the market for all types of services and industries. From Construction and IT to Healthcare and Oil/Gas industry, there are opportunities available for all types of projects and industries. The current time is considered as the most crucial time for the UAE in particular as the government is giving a major push to improve the economy of the country and provide opportunities to its citizens to get involved in tremendous development work happening around the country. At the same time, it is also inviting world-class companies to do business in the country and open up even more opportunities for the people inside as well as outside the region.

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