Marble is one of the most exquisite substances and is widely used all around the world for its looks and feel. But it is a porous substance and is prone to easy staining and etching by certain substances. Although many people find it difficult to maintain marbles and often get confused as to what steps should be taken for proper maintenance, it is not very hard to actually take care of marbles. There are some dos and don’ts which should be kept in mind when dealing with marbles for its longer life and beauty. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Provide proper sealing to your marble

It is crucial step to protect your marble from unwanted marks and damages. As already discussed, marbles are porous substances and they can easily absorb substances which can stain them. It is recommended to apply a coating of good marble sealer on your marble surface or your beloved marble countertop. This will provide it with the much-needed security from staining substances.

  • Clean-up the spills immediately

In comparison to other rocks, marbles are much more sensitive to acidic substances like fruit juices, wines, tomato sauces, sodas, etc. Hence, these substances should be cleaned immediately after the spill so that they do not penetrate inside the surface of the marble. Since they are acidic, they can etch the marble surface and lead to its dullness.

  • Use Cutting Boards and Trivets

In places such as kitchen counter tops, where marbles can look wonderful, it is also really hard to prevent it from scratching and marks. Cans and bottles can etch the surface or any other acidic substance might just spill. It is therefore recommended to use cutting boards for daily use and trivets under hot pans to avoid these issues.

  • Use special marble cleaning products

Marbles are not everyday substances and hence shouldn’t be treated like one. There are special marble cleaning products which are designed to remove stains and provide proper maintenance to the marble products. They should be used instead of daily use products since they are specially manufactured to not harm the marble.

  • Use Doormats and Rugs for marble floor

Marble floors are very prone to scratches and marks and hence doormats are required to prevent anyone from bringing dirt or dust to the marble surface. Also, footwear can bring silt and sand which are abrasive and can harm the marbles significantly.

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