One very popular dish in India is chicken mirch which is also known as pepper chicken. This is a very simple and easy dish to produce. A new bride, who wants to impress her in-laws, should try out this dish. It will surely impress everyone as the dish has a very nice aroma and flavor to it. The flavor and aroma of the dish comes generally from the main spice ingredient that is pepper.

The flavour of chicken with black pepper

This dish has got different names. Murgh Chicken kali mirch (one of the many names) is a very popular Punjabi cuisine. It is a mild hot dish as it contains freshly ground “kali Mirch” or coarse black peppercorn. For all who are a little bit health conscious but still loves good food, here is good news for you. This recipe is prepared with very little oil so don’t worry about gaining extra pounds. Just enjoy and eat. The curry of this dish is mouth-watering as it is packed with flavours. It gets its flavour mostly from spices like peppercorn and cloves.

What can be eaten with this delicious dish?

Chicken is so delicious that you can eat it without any side dishes. But you can combine kali murgh mirch with almost everything starting from breads to rice. Different types of Indian bread like Nan, butter nan, masala kulcha, paratha and even chapattis goes with it. If you prefer rice dishes then you can have pulao, biryani or even simple rice dish. The aroma and flavour of the spices that are in the dish make sure you have a wonderful meal.

Chicken with black pepper is a popular dish when it comes to any kind of parties or family gatherings

Indians are big at throwing parties. And these parties are always filled with finger licking good foods which can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Presently, black pepper chicken is very popular among the party dishes. This dish is not that heavy and it can be paired with almost anything. Also, the pepper gives a nice kick of aroma and heat to it which makes it even more delicious. Wedding parties generally serve spicy chicken dishes like this which are loved by all guests. Family gatherings here in India are nothing less than a cause of celebration with excellent foods. This kali mirch chicken dish is easy to make so they are included in such gatherings most of the time. This one Punjabi dish is savored and loved by all.

What do restaurateurs have to say about Murgh Kali Mirch?

Almost every popular restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisine serves chicken kali mirch. Many restaurateurs have claimed that this dish is ordered both as a lunch and dinner dish and it has gained popularity since it is light and has a nice combination of spicy and aromatic flavour to it. People generally pair this dish with Indian bread and rice dishes as well. It is one of those dishes which are very popular in the culinary world.


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