A typical car mechanic in Dubai can walk on different career paths depending on initial training and industrial expertise. The major difference is between mechanics who service and repairs mechanical and electrical components of a vehicle and others who work with body parts.

Auto mechanics are employed in dealer workshops, repair garages, private automobile repairs and service centre. Those carrying years of industrial expertise also work as independent technicians while offer mobile services to the vehicle owners (optional).

As we speak, the term “mechanic” is applied to anyone associated with the installation, maintenance and repairs of mechanical devices. However, the designation is commonly linked with automotive industry and engineers working on cars and even heavy vehicles including airplanes.

Auto mechanics: A brief overview

Auto mechanics diagnose and repair vehicle systems such as engines brakes, engines and other systems including climate control systems. A car mechanic in Dubai seeking employment is required to have least intermediary know-how of the industry or postsecondary training acquisition from a known automotive institute. Bureau of Labour Statistics cited that some of the technicians are enrolled in a two-year associate degree programme during which they’re taught basic mathematics, electronics, computers and automotive repairs.

  1. Service technicians

Service technicians perform routine servicing on automobiles. Their duty is checking oil and motor fluid levels as well as replacing them corresponding to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They’re also tasked with checking major electrical and mechanical components as per the servicing schedules. Service technicians check fuel functions and ignition systems to ensure reliability and fuel efficiency. They also diagnose problems like heavy fuel consumption or poor starting and repairing such issues.

  1. Diagnostic technicians

Just as the name implies, diagnostic technicians perform their duty using special tools to identify problems in the electrical, ignition and engine management system. Diagnostic technicians are essential to the workshop as automotive systems get complex and highly advance day by day.

  1. Brake & transmission technicians

Larger and more advanced auto workshops employ car mechanic in Dubai or technicians having specialty in maintenance of braking and transmission system. Brake technicians ensure vehicle safety by diagnosing and repairs of the braking mechanism that includes that associated electronic system.

Transmission specialists look after maintenance and efficiency of steering and power train components. They also have in-depth understanding of the electronic system that control different components like the 4WD (four-wheel-drive) system.

  1. Body repair technicians

Body repair specialists look after repair and replacement of the damaged or worn body components of the automobiles like panels, headlights or fenders. Repairs are crucial so as to prevent accident and untimely wear and tear. Where damage is extensive, technicians should decide whether repairing of a component(s) is economical or complete replacement is crucial. They may also perform cosmetic repairs such as treatment of minor dents and scratches so on.

  1. Vehicle refinishers & inspectors

Body repair technicians are specialist at refinishing techniques and often work with spray booths, treating large damage areas and repainting older car to enhance its appearance. Highly experienced auto technicians also work as vehicle inspectors in countries where strict vehicle safety and emission inspection standards are followed.


A typical car mechanic in Dubai may choose any of the above career path associated to automotive industry.

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