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5 different types of auto mechanics



auto mechanics

A typical car mechanic in Dubai can walk on different career paths depending on initial training and industrial expertise. The major difference is between mechanics who service and repairs mechanical and electrical components of a vehicle and others who work with body parts.

Auto mechanics are employed in dealer workshops, repair garages, private automobile repairs and service centre. Those carrying years of industrial expertise also work as independent technicians while offer mobile services to the vehicle owners (optional).

As we speak, the term “mechanic” is applied to anyone associated with the installation, maintenance and repairs of mechanical devices. However, the designation is commonly linked with automotive industry and engineers working on cars and even heavy vehicles including airplanes.

Auto mechanics: A brief overview

Auto mechanics diagnose and repair vehicle systems such as engines brakes, engines and other systems including climate control systems. A car mechanic in Dubai seeking employment is required to have least intermediary know-how of the industry or postsecondary training acquisition from a known automotive institute. Bureau of Labour Statistics cited that some of the technicians are enrolled in a two-year associate degree programme during which they’re taught basic mathematics, electronics, computers and automotive repairs.

  1. Service technicians

Service technicians perform routine servicing on automobiles. Their duty is checking oil and motor fluid levels as well as replacing them corresponding to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They’re also tasked with checking major electrical and mechanical components as per the servicing schedules. Service technicians check fuel functions and ignition systems to ensure reliability and fuel efficiency. They also diagnose problems like heavy fuel consumption or poor starting and repairing such issues.

  1. Diagnostic technicians

Just as the name implies, diagnostic technicians perform their duty using special tools to identify problems in the electrical, ignition and engine management system. Diagnostic technicians are essential to the workshop as automotive systems get complex and highly advance day by day.

  1. Brake & transmission technicians

Larger and more advanced auto workshops employ car mechanic in Dubai or technicians having specialty in maintenance of braking and transmission system. Brake technicians ensure vehicle safety by diagnosing and repairs of the braking mechanism that includes that associated electronic system.

Transmission specialists look after maintenance and efficiency of steering and power train components. They also have in-depth understanding of the electronic system that control different components like the 4WD (four-wheel-drive) system.

  1. Body repair technicians

Body repair specialists look after repair and replacement of the damaged or worn body components of the automobiles like panels, headlights or fenders. Repairs are crucial so as to prevent accident and untimely wear and tear. Where damage is extensive, technicians should decide whether repairing of a component(s) is economical or complete replacement is crucial. They may also perform cosmetic repairs such as treatment of minor dents and scratches so on.

  1. Vehicle refinishers & inspectors

Body repair technicians are specialist at refinishing techniques and often work with spray booths, treating large damage areas and repainting older car to enhance its appearance. Highly experienced auto technicians also work as vehicle inspectors in countries where strict vehicle safety and emission inspection standards are followed.


A typical car mechanic in Dubai may choose any of the above career path associated to automotive industry.

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Automobile News

AGV Corsa Helmet SR Tested




AGV Corsa Helmet SR Tested

Your helmet may be the most important piece of motorcycle gear. It can make all the difference in a crash. While everyone’s preferences are different, there are always a few helmets that stand above the rest. AGV’s Corsa helmet is one such helmet. It combines great styling with a high standard of quality into a product that is as comfortable and effective as it is eye-catching.

AGV’s Extreme Standards

For years AGV struggled to create a helmet that was just right. While many helmets were good, almost all had some issue that kept them from being great. The brand’s solution to this is its Extreme Standards project. The main element of this project is a series of head scans used to better profile helmet fitment to a wider range of head sizes and shapes.

The results of this project have been strong. The Corsa and fully carbon fiber Pista GP are both great helmets that fit and feel better than any of AGV’s previous offerings.

The Corsa

AGV’s designers have significantly changed the size of the Corsa to make it a better fit for most riders. Smaller upper and frontal sections, as well as a shrunk visor mechanism, have allowed some major improvements to the helmet:

  • The impact absorption material is thicker, offering greater head protection.
  • The helmet features AGV’s Super Super Light shell made from composite fiber, aramid and carbon-fiber materials. This is very lightweight but also strong.
  • The padding is made from Lycra and Shalimar that is breathable and comfortable.
  • A sanitizing treatment helps keep the padding clear and fresh.
  • The window is nine percent larger than previous helmets. It provides superior visibility in both track and street settings.
  • The helmet is very aerodynamic, especially in a slightly tucked position.
  • The helmet feels stable even in high-speed situations.

The chin strap doesn’t always fit comfortably. Additionally, the visor locking mechanism and airflow vents are difficult to operate with gloves on. However, the visor can be locked in three positions: one that is completely open, one for some air flow at low speeds and one for full closure.

All in all, the Corsa offers some of the best head protection combined with an aggressive look, comfortable feel and good aerodynamics. It represents a new day for AGV. It is the motorcycle helmet many riders are dreaming of being able to find.

Choosing the Right Helmet

Every rider has his or her list of favorite helmets. These won’t be the same for everyone because different people have different heads. However, the right helmet is always one that provides effective protection while fitting securely and comfortably. No number of extra features or bargain pricing will overcome inadequate protection or a helmet that is too uncomfortable to wear.

With its Extreme Standards project and the Corsa helmet, AGV will undoubtedly be on many motorcyclists’ lists of favorites. The strong shell, effective impact absorption and comfortable shape check all the most important boxes.

The next time you are looking at motorcycle gear, ask yourself whether a new helmet is in order. Then check out the AGV Corsa for some of the best head protection on the market.

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Own the Road With These Popular Semitruck Accessories




auto mechanics

Your semitruck is durable and functional, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! There are plenty of inexpensive accessories that can be quickly installed and take your truck to another level. Here are some popular items that will give your truck a stylish new look. 

Stainless Steel Vent Visors 

Do you crave fresh air when you cruise down the highway but hate the wind noise? Stainless steel truck vent visors are perfect for you. They cover the tops of your windows, which allows you to keep your windows open while quieting wind noise, keeping your windows from fogging and preventing snow, rain or hail from entering your cab. The stainless steel is durable and won’t rust. These visors come in a wide range of sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your truck. These are sold in pairs. 

Spike Rear Axle Cover With 33-Millimeter Thread-on Nut Covers 

Want to add some originality to your axles while protecting them, too? These spiked chrome axle covers protect your axles from moisture, grease and dirt while hiding existing stains. Chrome is a durable material that will ensure your axles stay safe from the elements. They are designed for the unimount hub pilot wheels that are 20, 22.5 and 24.5 inches. Each wheel requires one kit, which comes with the cover, ten 33-millimeter threaded nut covers and a detachable hubcap. 

Four-Inch 16 LED Tiger Eye Marker Lights 

Tiger Eye Marker Lights are popular and extra bright LED marker lights for trucks. With 16 LED bulbs each, there is no doubt you’ll be spotted on the road. The bulbs are available in red and amber, and the lenses are available in clear, red and amber. These are 12-volt lights with two wires each. They’re inexpensive and sold individually. 

Contact an expert today for more information about these accessories and make a statement on the road.

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Classic Car Shows – A Treat for Car Lovers like Alpman Ilker




Car Lovers

Have you ever speculated what it must be like to have a classic car? A car that is a testament to man-made superiority and a marvel of human inventiveness! Have you ever pondered why attractive cars are compared to gorgeous women? Why they are valued and even secluded by their possessors more than the wives are? Have you even deliberated over the arrogance that the owner of such a classic car might undergo?

Ownership of vintage and classic cars is not for everybody. Not only is it an exclusive hobby but discovering and possessing vintage automobiles are uncommonness. They are a connoisseur’s delight and objects of passion for Alpman Ilker. It is an entrance into a private group, one which only a chosen few can be a part of, and the rest can aim to.

The luxury of hand tooled leather seats, the magnificence of wooden dashboards, the sheer desire of an almost silent yet prevailing engine humming, the quaint sounds of horns from a former era. It is a remainder of a time when the frantic pace of life was wealthier, when pleasures were revealed in and things were simply enjoyed. Its ironical essentially, that cars today are bought for efficiency, speed, and maneuverability, yet these very same fundamentals were not actually factoring a few decades back. At that interval in time, cars were purchased for the wow aspect, to appreciate the experience of moving at a relaxed speed from one point to another, its size meant to amaze with its splendor.

At this point times changed. Today these good-looking vintage cars are only to be found in classic car shows in Greenwich. These are occasionally held all over the world and car enthusiasts flock to them. To get a glimpse of these phenomena of engineering and to vicariously love the thrill of ownership, these car shows are usually well attended and are always popular.

There are online websites and car magazines which cater to such car enthusiasts like Alpman Ilker, who go through figures and facts of the year of manufacture, the number of cars in existence, the engine capabilities. In actual fact there is usually a festival like joyful atmosphere at these classic car shows in town. There is cotton candy in one corner, stalls are set up hawking different products, and a compere with mike in hand, encouraging the crowd to cheer and congratulate every car as it takes a splendid turn at a dignified pace around a track. One must keep in mind that these cars are not just objects of approbation; they have to be instances of flexibility as well.

Each year the calendar of classic car shows is extremely full of shows that are annual or even two-yearly events all over the world. Car lovers, car owners, press, enthusiasts, families, or even amateurs out for a holiday, all are wanted to these spectaculars. The cars reign best monopolizing all the attention and for those few hours, all attention remains fascinated on them.

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