Since the consumers are getting quite used to mobile apps these days, it’s getting crucial for businesses to decide whether to promote a website or mobile app. The mobile websites are also doing well, but through mobile applications, enterprises get much closer to their customers. For sure, it takes business pretty much time to build enough brand awareness and reputation to have the potential customers install their mobile apps.

In most cases, business would need a website to have prominent footprints in the industry. If it’s a startup business, there is no need to develop an application as there are already thousands of new apps and smartphone programs being created every day.

The report from Statista in March 2017 says, there are over 6.5 billion apps for download as a whole.

Billions of apps mean a tougher competition to face. As a result, it’s next to impossible for a new business to survive while having spending plenty on apps. People want the apps that are useful, not the one that is only meant to sell stuff, notify unnecessarily and irritate the user.

In case you are wondering to discover when you need a mobile app for your business, here’re a few things you need to keep in mind. Let’s dive in:

Budget Needs to Be High

It’s not a matter of pennies when it comes to dealing with apps. Perhaps that’s the reason why large enterprises are more inclined towards it. Since it’s an oversaturated market, a business needs to spend a considerable amount to stand out among competitors. The application has to be of high quality having the promotion cost equivalent to development cost. It usually costs at least $10k to get a fantastic app.

Location Track

It’s essential for a business to know exactly where the potential customer is logging into their app. For that, tracking the Geolocation is the best option to get along with. Some businesses and apps have been consistent with this opportunity. In fact, they’ve even made it possible for users to check-in at a particular location.

Real Time

If your business has more to do with the real-time tracking and analysis, mobile app is the best to opt for. Popular apps like WhatsApp and other messengers are doing great with this option. Who doesn’t want to receive an instant notification from friends and relatives? People don’t like to go back to the account to check browser history. It has to be immediate in real time. If it’s the need of your business, go for the mobile application.


Many businesses that don’t have enough idea about which direction to move, observing the competitors is another good alternative. It’s not about copying them, but one at least gets a good idea of what the market it up to and how you can hop on your way to online success through mobile app development Dubai.


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