Good lighting can make all the difference to how you perceive a room. Think about it: a cozy room is not the one that has a harsh light bulb hanging on top, just as a workman’s room is not the one with ambient lighting in the corners.

Lighting a room: whether with Delray lighting or floor lamps — is not just about creating a mood. It has a function and purpose. So, it’s important that we get it right from the beginning. Here are our tips on lighting your room:

Purpose: What will be the main use of the room? If you are going to work, then you need bright ambient lights. Bright lights are important to see what you are doing. If, on the other hand, you will use the room mainly for entertaining, you may want some mood lighting with soft lights.

Think in layers: There is no reason why a room cannot have all kind of lightings. You only need to think in layers! The first layer is that of soft mood lighting with floor lamps and table lamps. The second layer is the overhead lights, like Delray Lighting. This is the brighter light, meant to be used when you want 100% visibility.

Focus the lights: When you want lights for a special purpose, make sure that you incorporate that as well. Think of task lights like study lamps in the kids’ room or the study. Then there are accent lights like those over a painting or a showcase. These are meant to illuminate a focal point in the room.

Think of the size: Whether one uses chandeliers or table lamps, size matters. In case of chandeliers, make sure the dimensions are carefully calculated according to the room. A chandelier which is too big will simply overwhelm the space. Similarly, a table lamp should be at an eye-level height for the person sitting next to it.

Think uniformity: The purpose of lighting is to illuminate a room uniformly and not leave shadows in the corner. So, when incorporating lightings in a room, think about the uniformity of the illumination. Even lamp placements should be carefully worked out to see that there is a balance. Overhead lights should illuminate the whole room and not just some pockets.

Think of the shadows: This is the flip side of the previous points. When planning the lighting in a room, think of the shadow patches. While it is not necessary that every room looks like the sun took residence here, there should be enough illumination that you do not end up with shadows in the corner.

Today we have many choices in room lightings — Delray lighting, floor lamps, accent lamps and so on. What we need is a careful plan to ensure that we get the right kind of lighting, one that suits our mood and purpose.

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