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Threats faced in Information technology



Threats faced in Information technology

Cybercrime is the biggest concern, the world is facing right now. They will continue to evolve and change as time progresses. With the advent of technology in every aspect, the cybercrime has also increased two folds.

We have talked about Information Technology and its benefits to us but we often overlook the gloomy and dark side to it.
Let us explore the bad side of the pitch, the adverse effects of technology. Cybercrime is also on the rise due to the technical faults of our software developers.

The threat from the new technology

Nowadays every other day there is a launch of a new technology be it a new kind of laptop, Smartphone or tablet. In the haste of developing and launching the new products in the competitive technological world, the developers often overlook security issues. The weakly designed technologies are now turning to become a big threat to the world giving rise to more cybercrime. The wrong-doers easily take advantage of the loopholes in the new technology and misuse it.

The threat from inadequate security

Before adopting any cyber security system, you should always check its features so that it’s good enough to deal with all cyber threats. If it does not suffice the requirement, it’s futile.

The threat of using a personal device

There are many instances when you are sharing confidential data with another device. Always use encryption technique in-built in most operating systems to prevent hacking and misuse of confidential data.

The social media attacks

This technique is known as water holing. Today we all have a good social presence in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. There is so much information clustered all over the internet that it is a big threat to our profiles being hacked.

To get some more deep knowledge about Android apps, one should enroll themselves for Android App Development training in Gurgaon, Delhi  for the development of students career growth. It will provide you with complete practical knowledge about how actually you should be carefully handling these platforms while using it.

Mobile Malwares

With the increased connectivity of our mobile phones to the internet, there is more threat of mobile malware. If your mobile does not have good malware protection you stand at high risk.

Third party threat

Proper configuration of your security system is very essential to save your business network from threats. Recently New York Times faced a huge threat and as a result lost thousands of clients.

Social engineering threat

You should never befriend a stranger on internet nor share your personal information. Hackers use social engineering skills quite often to hack information.

Outdated security system

Frequently updating your system is very essential. If you do not do so, an outdated security system is futile and it just means giving an open invitation to cyber threats.
A supreme experienced knowledge with certified Web Development course in Gurgaon, Delhi will be very helpful to get trained from the experts and practical hands on learning the technical aspects will be beneficial to you. Not only the development of a web but the various ways we can prevent the cyber threat through technology for the good is been taught for the students knowledge to grow them with practical inherent.

This post should not discourage you from using technology. It should create more awareness and alertness in you. You should realise that you need to keep alert and use your devices and internet safely.

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The growth of technology has brought us the newer instances of learning and development. This is an extension of artificial intelligence which creates opportunities. It exploits the resources available by means of the tools we have in hand. This has turned the reality into a pleasant dream for all. (more…)

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Standard features of Tier 3 data centers



Data centers are constructed to provide high-quality storage and hosting services for all business setups of all kinds and sizes. Vendors offering these sophisticated IT services ensure to deliver 99.999 percent uptime to provide complete peace of mind for their customers. As securing client data is a big responsibility, service providers have to make persistent efforts to protect their infrastructure from vulnerabilities like power failure, natural disasters and cyber-attacks.

To help potential clients of data center facilities, The Uptime Institute has created a four-tier ranking system to provide a benchmark to identify a reliable service provider. This institute has developed a standard four-tier ranking system to explain reliability of data center. This ranking system starts with Tier I data centers (warehouse with power supply) and continues to Tier II and Tier III and end up at Tier IV (data storage warehouses with extra cooling and redundant power supply. Facilities are ranked by storage capacities, power and cooling facilities they possess to offer its clients.

How is T 3 datacenter helping businesses?
100% uptime is critically essential for every business. Organizations require uninterrupted access to their files to serve their clients efficiently. This why tier 3 data centers have become the best bet for the enterprises seeking non-stop business continuity. Redundant power and cooling supplies will offer them maximum uptime. In addition to providing continuity, these IT vendors pay particular attention to maintenance to keep all the components functional. Surplus availability of components will help them to fulfil the promise of 100% uptime, even in the absence or unavailability of one component. Functionalities and infrastructure remain unaffected in case of power and cooling failures.

What are standard features of Tier 3 data centers?
When we talk about Tier III data storage facilities, it involves features like power supply, cooling and building infrastructure fronts to the levels of a server rack. It doesn’t include architectural design and construction of IT facility. If you are seeking for an IT facility offering file storage, look for these standard features to avail the benefits of using T3 data centers.

Presence of reliable power supply
According to the quality standards given by the Uptime Institute; facilities should not solely depend on utility power supply for electricity. They consider it an unreliable source of power.  A reliable IT vendor must have diesel generators as a backup to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Power supplies are connected with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) to automatically switch over the backup generators without delay. Tier 3 facilities possess two ATS switches fitted parallel to each other to ensure redundancy and maintainability.

Availability of backup generators
Diesel generator with a reserve of fuel supply for minimum 12 hours is a mandatory requirement of Tier III facilities. The facility should have two tanks each with a capacity to store fuel for 12 hours. Moreover, both the tanks possess two or more fuel pipes for the tank to maintain continuous fuel flow to generators, without affecting the fuel supply towards generators.

Separate power distribution panels
Power distribution panels are necessarily required to distribute electricity to the IT devices like servers and networks via UPS and generators. Distribution boards also provide power for non-computing devices like air conditioning units and components of infrastructure systems. ATS is used for used to maintain redundancy and simultaneousness, separate distribution panels. If a single board is fitted with two ATS, it has to be switched off for the maintenance or replacement of any component.

This is why Tier 3 facilities require two or more power lines between ATS, power distribution panel and UPS to maintain uninterrupted flow.

Multiple UPS for server racks and network infrastructure
UPS are critical for any IT facility. When it comes to T3 storage, they become mandatory. They facilitate power supply from distribution panel to servers and network infrastructures. Redundancy can be maintained after distributing the KVs among UPS units. Each UPS unit is connected with just a single distribution box to ensure redundancy and maintenance. This will help to avoid single UPS failure if single power distribution circuit goes down due to UPS maintenance and failure.

Dual power supply for server racks
Server racks are the data banks of storage facilities. They need continuous power supply without delay. This is why they are connected with two power distribution boxes to fulfil the description of T3 IT facility. A static switch is fitted to supply electricity from both power distribution boxes to give single output and transfer power distribution box in milliseconds to another power supply in case of failures to eliminate downtime of servers.

T3 data centers have become popular among organisation due their quality and reliability. Business owners should consider these key points to select the best IT facility to avail uninterrupted access to their data and clients.

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How to Choose the best web development company



Either you are looking for a new website or want to overhaul the existing web design, it’s a lengthy process. There are various things you need to consider, as well as various variables you would like to balance for a highly-functional and attractive website. Thereby, choosing a web design firm might not be the simplest of the task.

When looking to hire a web development company, there are various considerations to look out for. A website could be the difference between the success or failure of your business, so you can’t afford to go wrong here. To make the right decision, make sure you tick all the checkboxes for an experienced and reputed company, so as to not regret the decision at the end. Most importantly, don’t make the upfront cost as the detrimental factor for your choice, there are other things much bigger and much important than upfront cost.

Here we will be looking at some important consideration you should remember when hiring a web development company:

–           Know your requirements

Well, this is certainly one of the most important elements to consider for any website development or designing project. Before you start looking for a firm, you should be clear in your understanding of your business needs and requirements.

Consider if you really need a big extravagant website, or a small and neatly done website will suffice for your need. For most startups, a basic well-designed and development website will do the work nicely. Similarly, look for your target audience. Are you going to target local market or international market? Again, if you are planning a specific target audience, say American audience, then your best bet is to go with a web development company in the USA, as they will be more likely to comprehend to your target market.

So, basically, you need to complete your homework and background check first before you actually start looking for website development firm.

–           How much time are you willing to give to your project?

Even if you hire the most competent and most experienced web development company in USA, you’ll still have to dedicate some time to overview, monitor and approve the project.

Ideally, you should be able to take out as much time as possible to work side by side with the development firm, as this will help you, as well as the development team to come up with a more functional and aspiring website.

So, if you have much time, you can offer the project to a small company who’s willing to work along with your aspirations and monitoring, alternatively, if you don’t want to allocate time for the project, choose a web development company that’s sufficiently experienced to handle the project on their own entirely.

–           Location of the web development firm

This is an important aspect to consider. As we have mentioned earlier, if you are located in the USA and want to target the American audience, your best bet is to hire a web development company in the USA.

Why hire a local web development company?

Because a local company is more reachable. You can always communicate with them without any delays or language barriers. You can even visit them when you want. Moreover, an important benefit of hiring a local web development company in the USA will be their expertise and knowledge about the American audience. They will be in a better position to come up with an aspiring design according to the market trend and preferences.

So, overall, going with a local company is always a better idea than going with an offshore business just for the sake of cost savings.


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