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A New Era of Gaming

Gaming is a whole new world that has grown in leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when people used to wait for turns and opt for manual gaming strategies! Today, games are designed with versatile and minimalistic designs that promise both efficiency and performance. In order to delight potential gamers with a pristine experience, developers keep offering newer ROMs and BIOS configurations. According to gaming aficionados, the PlayStation industry keeps evolving every other day. And, two of its most successful BIOS releases would be scph7502.bin and scph1001.bin. These PlayStation BIOS files are required to control the way your device performs.

scph7502.bin games


In general, you require three components to get your PlayStation working. This includes the PlayStation BIOS file, the emulator and a working device with basic gaming facilities. The emulator is required to kick start the entire emulation process. It serves as the heart of your gaming experience. The BIOS falls in line with the functionalities served by the emulator. Just like conventional devices, the BIOS is the first file to be loaded in your device. The ROM searches for the BIOS and loads it before anything else. Without the BIOS, your PlayStation will not be able to get the emulator functioning. According to experts, the ROM becomes futile without the right kind of BIOS. Also, there are several types of ROMs and a huge selection of PlayStation BIOS files. In each case, the BIOS should be accessible by the ROM, when it is ought to trigger the emulation process.

The Tricky Side of Emulation

By now, you should have realized that an emulator can stop functioning properly even if you have a working ROM. This can be attributed to the BIOS file in your PlayStation. If the BIOS file doesn’t work properly, you will not be able to use or even turn on the PlayStation. As mentioned previously, the PlayStation BIOS file is nothing but the prime activation unit of the emulator. Without the right BIOS, your emulator will not serve any purpose; but with the right, compatible BIOS you will be ready to witness a scintillating gaming experience.

Very Many BIOS Files

As mentioned previously, there are several different types of PlayStation BIOS files. Each of these files are categorized based on the region they originated from. To be much more specific, you can choose from Japanese, American or European BIOS files. Conversely, two important PlayStation BIOS releases would be scph1001.bin and scph7502.bin. These files are identified as killer releases for all PlayStations.

scph7502.bin bios files

How to Get Your PlayStation Totally Functioning?

With all this being said, how will you configure the PlayStation Bios file? Scph1001.bin or Scph7502.bin, how will you get the gaming device totally functioning? A lot of novice gaming aficionados tend to fear the PSX BIOS files. However, there is nothing to be worried about! According to experienced gamers, you can get the files working in no time. The next few lines will tell you how to configure the PSX BIOS and get your first PSX game running. This is not rocket science, but a series of downloads, configurations and testing!

What is PSX BIOS?

Initially, you should have a PSX BIOS to get it working. By definition, PSX BIOS is a simple copyrighted file from Sony. The file is a trademarked property of the brand. You are not allowed to alter or reproduce contents of the BIOS. Conversely, the PSX BIOS is a small file that is nearly 512 Kb. So, what exactly does the PSX BIOS represent? It is nothing but scph7502.bin file. Many BIOS versions are supported by PlayStations, but this is one of the most reliable and widely used ones. You can download this file with the help of Google or fine-tuned apps like “Every BIOS”.

Using PSX BIOS the Right Way!

Once the PlayStation BIOS – PSX file is downloaded, you should decompress it. Usually, the file is distributed in its .zip or .7z format. After decompressing the file, you should click the “Run BIOS” option. For the very first time, your SD Card will be scanned to identify the final destination, where the file should be saved. If user preferences are set, all essential path details will be re-configured. In case you have not set the preferences, you must alter it before selecting the “Run BIOS” option. Consequently, the BIOS will be installed and ready to accomplish emulation.

Time to Start Gaming!

In order to start gaming, you should provide your PlayStation with the right games! This may sound like a tiring manual job; however, a lot of gamers love this process. That is because you will have the freedom to handpick the right collection of games for your PlayStation. You can populate your PlayStation with PSX games from the internet or CDs (there are tons-and-tons of affordable gaming CDs in Amazon and eBay). To check if the emulator is functioning properly, you should download a playable game and launch it! In most cases, you can opt for the demo version of Spyro The Dragon. The demo version is more-than-enough to test your emulator’s functionality. These demos (alias games) are compressed files that should be decompressed before you use them.

Launching the Right Game in the Right Order!

In order to launch the game in your scph7502.bin BIOS emulator, you should unzip the file and chose its path. Consequently, select “Run Game” to launch it. Just like how installation happens, “Run Game” will scan for user preferences. Here, you can create a list of games that should be executed in a specific order. When you select “Play” the games will be executed in the same order as you have ordered them.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, scph7502.bin files are required for an ultimate gaming experience in your PlayStation. These BIOS files are distributed with comprehensive instructions that will let you accomplish all important steps in a simple and straightforward manner.

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Most Amazing Unique Whats App profile pictures




Amazing Unique Whats App profile pictures

We all know that Whatsapp is trending very high now-a-days. It has become the most common means of communication. Not only for communication but for fun and entertainment also , people use this wonderful application. We share videos, photos, jokes, documents, contacts and many more thing to express their love, anger, expressions, happiness etc..

But the one thing which fascinates people is Display Picture, in short DP. We love to set different cute Whatsapp DP. Sometimes we set our DP which expresses our mood or to show love to our special someone or just for fun and entertainment purpose.
150+ Most Amazing Unique Whats App profile pictures

So, if you are looking for amazing whatsapp DPs then you are on the right place. Here I’m posting a huge collection of Whatsapp DP. These pictures are divided into several categories such as Cute Whatsapp DP, Love Whats app profile pictures, Romance and cute couples profile pictures, Anger, Sad whats app profile pictures, Friends forever Whats app dp, Whatsapp DP for group and many more.

So, enjoy this collection of over 150+ Most Amazing Unique Whats App profile pictures and set your favorite one as your Whtasapp Dp.

150+ Most Amazing Unique Whats App profile pictures

Whatsapp DP for Groups

Whatsapp DP for Group-1

Best Profile pictures for Whats App Groups

Whatsapp DP for Group-3

Whatsapp DP for Group-4

Friends Forever Whats App Group Picture

Whatsapp DP for Group-5

Whatsapp DP for Group-6

Whats App Group Dp

Whatsapp DP for Group-7

Whatsapp DP for Group-8

Best Whats App Group Profile Picture

Whatsapp DP for Group-9

Funny Friends Forever Group Picture for Whats App

Whatsapp DP for Group-11


Happy Friendship Day Whats App Dp

Whatsapp DP for Group-13

Romantic Whatsapp DP Collection

Romantic Whatsapp DP-1

Love Whats App profile picture

Romantic Whatsapp DP-2

Romantic Whatsapp DP-3

Married Couple Whats App Profile Picture

Romantic Whatsapp DP-4

Romantic Whatsapp DP-5

Romantic Whats App DP

Romantic Whatsapp DP-6

Romantic Whatsapp DP-7

Best Whats App profile picture for Promise

Romantic Whatsapp DP-8

All Stages of Love Whats App Dp

Romantic Whatsapp DP-9

Romantic Whatsapp DP-10

Romantic couple Whats App DP

Romantic Whatsapp DP-11

Romantic Whatsapp DP-13

Love Whats App DP

Romantic Whatsapp DP-14

Romantic Whatsapp DP-15

Funny Whatsapp DP

Funny Whatsapp DP-1

Funny Whatsapp DP-2

Funniest Whats App Profile picture collection

Funny Whatsapp DP-7

Funny Whatsapp DP-8

Funny Whatsapp DP-9

Funny Minions Whats App dp

Funny Whatsapp DP-10

Funny Whatsapp DP-11

Funny Whatsapp DP-12

Keep Calm Profile picture for Whats App

Funny Whatsapp DP-3

Funny Whatsapp DP-4

Amusing Whats App Profile picture

Funny Whatsapp DP-5


Funny Whatsapp DP-13

Whats app Dp jokes

Funny Whatsapp DP-14

Funny Whatsapp DP-15
Sad Whatsapp DP

Sad Whatsapp DP-4

Sad Whatsapp DP-3

Broken heart Whats App Profile picture

Sad Whatsapp DP-1

Sad Whatsapp DP-15

Sad Whats App profile pictures

Sad Whatsapp DP-14

Sad Whatsapp DP-13

Break up Whats App profile picture

Sad Whatsapp DP-12


Whats App profile picture for Broken heart

Sad Whatsapp DP-10

Sad Whatsapp DP-9

Breakup Whats app dp

Sad Whatsapp DP-8

Bad Days Whats app Profile picture

Sad Whatsapp DP-6
Angry Whatsapp DP

Angry Whatsapp DP-5

Angry Whatsapp DP-6

Angry Whats App Profile pictures

Angry Whatsapp DP-7

Angry Whatsapp DP-8

Whats App dp for Anger

Angry Whatsapp DP-9

Angry Whatsapp DP-11

Angry Whatsapp DP-12

Angry Whatsapp DP-13

Sad and Angry Whats app profile pictures

Angry Whatsapp DP-14

Angry Whatsapp DP-15

Angry Quotes Whats App profile picture

Angry Whatsapp DP-1

Broken Promise Whats App dp

Angry Whatsapp DP-2

Love Yourself Whats App profile picture

Angry Whatsapp DP-3

Angry Whatsapp DP-4
Love Whatsapp DP

whats app romantic profile picture

Love Whatsapp DP-7

Love Whatsapp DP-8

Love Whats App profile picture in hindi

Love Whatsapp DP-9

Love Whatsapp DP-11

Love Whatsapp DP-12

Love Whatsapp DP-13

Beautiful couple Whats App dp

Love Whatsapp DP-14

Love Whatsapp DP-15
Love Whatsapp DP-1

Love Whatsapp DP-2

Cute Couple Whats App profile picture

Love Whatsapp DP-4


Friendship Whatsapp DP

Friendship Whatsapp DP-9

Friendship Whatsapp DP-10

Best Friends Forever Whats App profile picture

Friendship Whatsapp DP-11

Friendship Whatsapp DP-12

Best Friend Whats app dp

Friendship Whatsapp DP-13

Friendship Whatsapp DP-14

Friends Whats app profile pictures

Friendship Whatsapp DP-15

Friendship Whatsapp DP-1

Tom and Jerry Whats App DP

Friendship Whatsapp DP-2

Friendship Whatsapp DP-3

Friendship Whatsapp DP-4

Happy Friendship day Whats App profile pictures

Friendship Whatsapp DP-5

Friendship Whatsapp DP-6

Friendship Whatsapp DP-7


Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-6

Attitude Whats App profile pictures

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-7

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-8

Best Whats App DP on Attitude

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-9

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-10

My Attitude Whats App dp

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-11

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-12

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-13

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-14

Whats App dp for attitude

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-15

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-1

Attitude Whats App dp for Girls

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-2

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-3

Attitude Whatsapp DP for girls-5
Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-5

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-6

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-7

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-8

My life, My choices Whats App Profile pictures

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-9

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-10

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-11

Attitude Whats App profile pictures

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-12

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-13

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-14

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-15

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-1

Boys are caring Whats App profile picture

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-2

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-3

Attitude Whatsapp DP for Boys-4

Cute Whatsapp DP

cute Whatsapp DP-5

cute Whatsapp DP-6

Cute Whats App dp collection

cute Whatsapp DP-7

cute Whatsapp DP-8

Brother Sister Whats App profile picture

cute Whatsapp DP-9

cute Whatsapp DP-10

cute Whatsapp DP-11

Brother Sister Funny Whats App dp

cute Whatsapp DP-12

cute Whatsapp DP-13

cute Whatsapp DP-14

Cute little girl profile picture

cute Whatsapp DP-15

cute Whatsapp DP-1

cute Whatsapp DP-2

cute Whatsapp DP-3

cute Whatsapp DP-4

Heart Whatsapp DP

cute Whatsapp DP-5

cute Whatsapp DP-6

cute Whatsapp DP-7

cute Whatsapp DP-8

cute Whatsapp DP-9

Broken Heart Whats App dp

cute Whatsapp DP-10

cute Whatsapp DP-11

Heart Whats App dp

cute Whatsapp DP-12

Whats app dp for Valentine

cute Whatsapp DP-1

cute Whatsapp DP-2

cute Whatsapp DP-3

cute Whatsapp DP-4

Hope you liked this collection of Whats App profile pictures. Which one did you like the most? Let me know in comments.

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Zee Tamil Dance Jodi Dance 2.0: Grand Finale & Final Episode




dance jodi dance

The dance TV reality shows Dance Jodi Dance 2.0 is a touted as a popular dance competition TV reality Show which premiered on Zee Tamil HD from on the last year, December and the dancing show  Dance Jodi Dance 2.0 air on every weekend of the Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 PM.

This is one of the most exciting, captivating and inspiring dance competitions in the Southern Indian region and the dance show Dance Jodi Dance 2.0 showcased the never seen before performances and dance on the dancing stage which is the main USP of the TV reality dance show Dance Jodi Dance 2.0.

 Zee Tamil Dance Jodi Dance 2.0

Zee Tamil Dance Jodi Dance

This one is the second season of the dancing TV reality show Dance Jodi Dance 2.0 and panel judge team of the show Dance Jodi Dance 2.0 is including, the actress Sneha, Gautami, and Priyamani and the show are hosted by Deepak Dinkar.

The show is expecting to end soon with a grand finale and due to the dance show Dance Jodi Dance 2.0  will mark it’s ending in some months, fans are just excited for the DJD 2.0 Grand Finale obviously.

Dance Jodi Dance Season 2 Judges




Dance Jodi Dance Season 1 Winners

The Dance Jodi Dance Grand finale event was held at Nehru stadium Chennai on 27 January 2017. The Dance Jodi Dance winners are listed below,

Meesha and Jeevan – Winners

Yuthan and Nancy – 1st Runner-up

Raaghav and Reshma – 2nd Runner-up

Dance Jodi Dance Season 2 Contestants

No. Celebrity Occupation Dance Partner
1 Puvi Arasu Actor
2 Meghna Vincent Actress Kaali
3 Reshma Actress, Dancer Jerome
4 Shyam Keerthana
5 Meghna Actor Avinash
6 Ruth Renesh Raj
7 Raveena Actress Krishnamoorthy
8 Abhinayashree Actress, choreographer (HipHop) Karthik
9 Deva Ramya
10 Vinoth Actor Jessie
11 Lassiya Karthik
12 Karthik Raneesha

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Vijay Movies Next Movie Names




vijay movie list

The popular Kollywood actor Vijay is also a playback singer and crooned some songs in the Tamil cinema. He is a fantastic actor of the contemporary times with such a decent and massive fan base anyway.

The actor is predominantly working in Tamil cinema Industry and widely his fans addressed him as the“IlayaThalapathy” or “Thalapathy“.

The actor made his acting debut as a child artist and worked in some of his dad’s movies. In the year 1992, he made his acting debut with the movie “Nalaiya Theerpu” which was helmed by his director father.

Vijay Movies List | Upcoming Tamil Movies | Total Filmography

Image Source:

The stardom was not easy for the superstar and he achieved the same with his hard work and the strong determination.

He was actually made this phrase come true, “where there is will there is the way”, and when in consecutive times he displays his acting talent with series of Tamil movies, and then eventually Vikraman’s romance film, Poove Unakkaga in 1996 proved breakthrough in his career.

vijay movie list

vijay movie

After the success of this film Poove Unakkaga , he never looked back and turn to be one of the popular, successful and famous actors of the Tamil cinema.

In the recent times, the actor did some successful movies, like, Thuppaki, Kaththi, and Mersal which make him a globally famous Tamil actor at any rate.

Here we have given the complete list of the actor Vijay in series and we also mentioned the upcoming movies names of him.

Vijay Movies List | Vijay Upcoming Movies

Film Year Role(s) Director(s)
Vetri 1984 S. A. Chandrasekhar
Kudumbam 1984 S. A. Chandrasekhar
Naan Sigappu Manithan 1985 S. A. Chandrasekhar
Vasantha Raagam 1986 S. A. Chandrasekhar
Sattam Oru Vilayaattu 1987 S. A. Chandrasekhar
Ithu Engal Neethi 1988 S. A. Chandrasekhar
Naalaiya Theerpu 1992 Vijay S. A. Chandrasekhar
Sendhoorapandi 1993 Vijay S. A. Chandrasekhar
Rasigan 1994 Vijay S. A. Chandrasekhar
Deva 1995 Deva S. A. Chandrasekhar
Rajavin Parvaiyile 1995 Raja Janaki Soundar
Vishnu 1995 S. A. Chandrasekhar
Chandralekha 1995 Rahim Nambirajan
Coimbatore Mappillai 1996 Balu C. Ranganathan
Poove Unakkaga 1996 Raja Vikraman
Vasantha Vaasal 1996 Vijay M. R.
Maanbumigu Maanavan 1996 Sivaraj S. A. Chandrasekhar
Selva 1996 Selvan A. Venkatesh
Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen 1997 Kannan R. Sundarrajan
Love Today 1997 Ganesh Balasekaran
Once More 1997 Vijay S. A. Chandrasekhar
Nerrukku Ner 1997 Vijay Vasanth
Kadhalukku Mariyadhai 1997 Jeeva Fazil
Ninaithen Vandhai 1998 Gokulakrishnan K. Selva Bharathy
Priyamudan 1998 Vasanth Vincent Selva
Nilaave Vaa 1998 Siluvai A. Venkatesh
Thulladha Manamum Thullum 1999 Kutty Ezhil
Endrendrum Kadhal 1999 Vijay Manoj Gyan
Nenjinile 1999 Karunakaran S. A. Chandrasekhar
Minsara Kanna 1999 K. S. Ravikumar
Kannukkul Nilavu 2000 Gautham Fazil
Kushi 2000 Shiva S. J. Surya
Priyamaanavale 2000 Vijay K. Selva Bharathy
Friends 2001 Aravind Siddique
Badri 2001 Badri P. A. Arun Prasad
Shahjahan 2001 Ashok Ravi
Thamizhan 2002 Surya Majith
Youth 2002 Shiva Vincent Selva
Bagavathi 2002 Bhagavathi A. Venkatesh
Vaseegara 2003 Bhupathy K. Selva Bharathy
Pudhiya Geethai 2003 Sarathi K. P. Jagan
Thirumalai 2003 Thirumalai Ramana
Udhaya 2004 Udhayakumaran Azhagam Perumal
Ghilli 2004 Velu Dharani
Madhurey 2004 Maduravel Ramana Madhesh
Thirupaachi 2005 Sivagiri Perarasu
Sukran 2005 Sukran S. A. Chandrasekhar
Sachin 2005 Sachin John Mahendran
Sivakasi 2005 Perarasu
Aadhi 2006 Aadhi Ramana
Pokkiri 2007 Prabhu Deva
Azhagiya Tamil Magan 2007 Bharathan
Kuruvi 2008 Vetrivel Dharani
Pandhayam 2008 Himself S. A. Chandrasekhar
Villu 2009 Prabhu Deva
Vettaikaaran 2009 Ravi B. Babusivan
Sura 2010 Sura S. P. Rajkumar
Kaavalan 2011 Bhoominathan Siddique
Velayudham 2011 Velayudham Mohan Raja
Nanban 2012 S. Shankar
Rowdy Rathore 2012 Himself Prabhu Deva
Thuppakki 2012 Jagadish Dhanapal AR Murugadoss
Thalaivaa 2013 Vishwa A. L. Vijay
Jilla 2014 Shakthi R. T. Neason
Kaththi 2014 Kathiresan AR Murugadoss
Puli 2015 Chimbu Deven
Theri 2016 Atlee
Bairavaa 2017 Bairavaa Bharathan
Mersal 2017 Vetrimaran  Atlee
Thalapathy 62 2018 TBA AR Murugadoss

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