Saudi Arabia houses large number of Indian workers. The country offers large number of jobs to the fresher as well as experienced candidates. In fact the entire Gulf offers large number of career options. There are large number of jobs in the field of oil & gas, hospitality, construction and healthcare sector. Thousands of professionals are migrating towards Saudi Arabia, Gulf to explore the jobs in Saudi Arabia and avail the benefits as well. The city is usually preferred by expats as the country offers large number of benefits like tax free income, accommodation facility provided by the employers and many more.

If you are planning to work in Saudi Arabia, you can target one of the following sectors to explore the career opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Here is the list provided:

  • Telecommunications industry
  • Tourism
  • Power
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Education
  • Oil & gas sector
  • Finance and many more.

One important point must be taken care. You must complete your education to get a job in the desired sectors. Qualification varies for an individual applying for the job. For example, to work in an education sector you must be a teacher with bachelor’s degree in science, commerce etc.

Large numbers of citizens from Asian countries are moving towards Saudi Arabia. Because the city has great jobs for skilled as well as semi-skilled professionals. Now the important question arises. How to start the job search in Saudi Arabia? And get job in less time. Following are the ways via which you can find a job:

  • Online job postings– you can find thousands of jobs on the job portals. Some of the leading job portals in Saudi Arabia are Monstergulf, Indeed, Bayt etc.
  • Staffing solutions- these agencies can help you in getting jobs. Initially they place the candidates in a company on temporary basis, and later on hire them permanently.
  • Newspapers- classified section of newspaper of your region can help you in getting jobs in Saudi Arabia. The classified section lists all the current openings of the companies.
  • Company’s website- you can make a list of the companies located in your area to start your job search. Then do research about the companies to refine your job search to the companies which are hiring candidates matching your qualification.
  • Updating your profile- LinkedIn is one of the greatest platforms to get job in the desired industry. All you need to do is make your profile on the LinkedIn and update with your achievements and experiences if any. Some other social networking websites are Twitter and Facebook is also helping candidates looking for jobs in Saudi Arabia to get a job.

Before you start applying for the job build your CV with the help of your friend, or relative or you can also take the help of professional resume maker. The resume maker is going to make CV/ resume for you with all the necessary keywords via which the employers are going to search for the candidates. After this the candidates are called for the interview for further process. And if you are looking for one stop destination, to end all of your problems related to job search. Then you must visit and register yourself on Monstergulf, to avail the benefits. 

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