Often times we catch ourselves in a fix when we have to gift our coworkers or boss or clients a token of appreciation. Corporate gifts are generally more difficult to choose in comparison to gifts meant for your friends and family. You need to find a gift that doesn’t breach the formal boundary while also making sure that it touches the receiver. Here are few of our suggestion which are more than just gifts as they are meant for the person’s good health which in a way says that you care about them and their well being.

  1. Corporate Fruit Baskets

A bountiful wicker basket loaded with fresh juicy fruits is not only a treat to the eyes but also to the tongue and tummy. Fruits are power packed with nutrition and taste which can be eaten either raw, cooked into pies, salads or made into smoothies or juices. So everyone can enjoy it in whatever way they prefer. It is also suitable to gift to anyone from any age group or gender and even to people who are not well. This is also a great edible gifting option for people who are diabetic or allergic to nuts or lactose intolerant as most food gifts like chocolates, cakes or nuts have these components. These baskets come at various price points so you can choose one that fits into your budget. They not only come with fruits but also with other knick knacks like a bottle of jam, exotic cheese, organic honey, chocolates, crackers, cookies, wine, etc. at a higher range which makes it a great gift for special clients and employees.  You can your fruit basket delivery, UK to any of your clients or employees as a delightful surprise.

  1. Juicer

Encourage healthy eating habits amidst the people you work with and a juicer as a gift is just a step forward. The bottled juices often come packed with preservatives, sugars and colors which do more harm than good to the body. A juicer can squeeze out fresh, sweet juices from not only fruits but also vegetables which are often difficult to find in the market. If you want your colleague to kick start their day with some healthy juices then a juicer is an amazing gift.

  1. Yoga Mats

A healthy, calm mind is the key to a healthy workspace and yoga is one of the best practices that not only calms the mind but has been proven to be a great workout for the entire body. A yoga mat is a great gift which uplifts anybody to indulge in this multidimensional workout regime.

  1. Water Bottles

 A nice looking water bottle obviously makes us wan to sip from it more frequently. Water is one of the best natural ways for flushing out toxins from the body and keeps it in good health. You can find them in such interesting styles in the market. You can choose from different materials such as metal, glass or plastic. While choosing plastic water bottle go for the highest quality possible and food grade plastic which is BPA free. You can also get ones with fruit infusers built on the inside of the bottle which lets the user put slices of their favorite fruits and herbs into it and have access to subtly flavored water all the time. You can either gift a set of these bottles or a single one depending upon your budget.

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