Theft is among one of the frequent most occurring crimes in Fort Collins. Theft refers to a broad category of crimes that may include several other specific crimes. Upon conviction, the penalties of theft, however small in nature, can be quite serious. If you are convicted of theft of any form, it can have an adverse effect on your personal as well as social life. In such cases, you need to immediately contact experienced Fort Collins theft lawyers to defend your case.

Need for a Theft Lawyer

You will need Fort Collins theft lawyers if you are convicted of any of the following theft offences in Fort Collins:

  • Burglary: Breaking and force entering into another person’s home or other private space with the intention of committing a felony.
  • Larceny: taking or carrying away someone else’s property with the intention of permanently depriving the real owner of the property.
  • False Pretenses: the intent to defraud and acquire a legitimate ownership to a property by means of false representations.
  • Embezzlement: a fraudulent way of converting funds from the true owner’s name to a person by someone who may have had the right to possess the funds. For example, a bank.
  • Identity Theft: An identity theft is committed when a person knowingly steals some or all personal data of another person and makes use of this data for criminal purposes. Sometimes the data may even be used to buy things online, access personal information and accounts, or to commit many other kinds of serious crimes or privacy invasions.
  • Theft of Lost Property: The retention of lost property in a wrongful manner.
  • Cyber Theft: making use of a computer or internet to access or even steal personal, confidential and/or financial records. The information stolen is often used for the purpose of stealing money or for identity theft.
  • Shoplifting: Shoplifting is one of the most common thefts in Fort Collins. It refers to stealing or picking up goods from a shop without paying for it by pretending to be just another customer.


If you are accused of theft, you should speak to Fort Collins theft lawyers immediately. They will educate you more on your rights, defenses, and many other legal consequences. Your theft lawyer will represent you in court, making sure that the rights you have as a criminal defendant are given to you.

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