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Compression b/w Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 vs Samsung Galaxy J7 2017



Samsung Galaxy

To give a tough competition to the Chinese smartphones, Samsung has introduced smartphones in almost every budget. Samsung has high range phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and mid-range phones like Samsung Galaxy A series. Samsung Galaxy J series consists of super affordable smartphones. In this post, we will compare two phones from J series: Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 and Samsung Galaxy J7 2016.

Design and Display:          

Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 comes with a metallic body and a screen size of 5 inches. Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 features a SUPER AMOLED High definition (HD) display. It has the resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 294 PPI. As per the preliminary specifications, it is not protected by any scratch resistant display.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016, on the other hand, also has a metallic body with slightly larger screen size of 5.5 inches. It has the dimensions of 151.7 (H) x 76 (W) x 7.8 (T) mm and weighs 169 grams. It also has a similar display of High Definition display with the same resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. The pixel density of Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is 267 PPI.

Since both the devices are from Samsung, they have the usual Samsung appearance. On the front top side, there is a Samsung logo on both the devices. Samsung J3 2017 has a 5 MP camera on the front with no LED flash. The area below the display has a physical Home button which doesn’t act as a fingerprint sensor. The home button is flanked by usual backlit capacitive keys. On the right side lies the power button, and on the left, lies the volume buttons. The back of the phone is removable which is missing in most of the devices these days. It has 8 MP camera and LED flash on the back.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 also has 5MP front camera but this device comes with a front LED flash. The area below the display has the standard Samsung buttons. This device also lacks fingerprint sensor. The power key lies on the right side of the phone and volume keys on the left. The back of this device is also removable and features a 13 MP camera on the back.


Both the devices have same RAM of 2 GB. Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 MSM8937 chipset whereas Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 uses Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7870 chipset. Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 runs on Octa core, 1.4 GHz processor whereas Samsung Galaxy J7 also runs on Octa core processor but at 1.6 GHz. For graphics, Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 is expected to use Adreno 505 GPU whereas Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 uses Mali-T830 MP2 GPU.


None of the devices run on the latest Android Nougat (7.0). Both the devices run on same Android Marshmallow (6.0) with its own Touch Wiz UI on top.

Camera and Storage:

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has superior camera than Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 includes an 8 MP rear camera which lacks Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). It has usual shooting modes and the maximum image resolution is 3264 x 2448 Pixels. We are not yet sure about the rate at which video is recorded. Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 has a front camera of 5 MP which lacks LED flash.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 comes with 13 MP rear camera and supports CMOS image sensor. It has an aperture of 1.9 F. It also lacks Optical Image Stabilization and has the image resolution of 4128 x 3096 Pixels. It allows video recording at 1920×1080 @ 30 fps. The selfie camera of Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 is also a 5 MP like that of Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. But this device has front LED flash.

Samsung galaxy J3 2017 has less internal storage of 8 GB which is expandable only up to 32 GB. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has an internal storage of 16 GB which is expandable up to huge 128 GB.

Battery and Connectivity:

Both the devices have removable battery which is really nice. Samsung galaxy J3 2017 has lesser battery of 2600 mAh whereas Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has 3300 mAH battery. None of the devices support fast charging.

Both the devices are dual SIM devices. It is one of the feature that is missing in most of the Samsung flagship devices. Samsung galaxy J3 2017 has 4G in only one SIM whereas Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 supports 4G in both the slots. Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 also has NFC which is missing in Samsung Galaxy J3 2017.

The Verdict:

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has better camera features than Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. It also has larger battery capacity than Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. The rest of the features are almost same.

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SAP SD Introduction to Billing




SAP SD Introduction to Billing

In SAP Sales and Distribution, billing is the ultimate stage for executing all the business transactions. When you purchase an order the process starts until the delivery is made. So, the billing information is available at every stage of the order processing and it comprises the following components:

  1. The memos (credit and Debit) for goods that are to be returned.
  2. The invoices for the services and delivery of the product need to be created.
  3. The transactions of all the cancelled bills need to be cleared.
  4. The price function of each commodity.
  5. The rebates and discount available for each good.
  6. All the billing data needs to be transferred to Financial Accounting or FI.

Billing is very closely associated various structures of the organization and it can be assigned to a Distribution Channel, a Division and the Sales Organization. The major functions associated in billing are- Match codes, Blocking Reasons, Types of billing, Number Range, Display billing due list and Display Billing list.

Why is a billing document created?

A billing document is created for a debit memo, a credit memo, a cancelled transaction and an invoice. Every billing document has a header and below the header, the list of the items purchased is placed. All the billing documents are under the control of billing type.

The information that is present in the billing document header is-

  1. The first thing is the date of billing.
  2. The unique payer identification number which you also receive on your emails or text messages right after you purchase a product.
  3. The Billing Value.
  4. The currency in which you are buying (if imported, then the currency value will be of that particular country from where you are importing)
  5. The Partner ID numbers which comprises the numbers of sold to part or ship to party, etc.
  6. All the pricing elements.

The following data which are present below the header are-

  1. Material Number.
  2. The number of goods you purchased.
  3. The volume and weight of the entire product.
  4. The value of each item.
  5. The price element of each item.

You can create, delete and change the billing processes of a document like credit memos, invoices and debit memos, etc. Your billing processes will also include the documents like the credit memos, invoices and debit memos.

Invoice vs billing in SAP

If you look through the SAP Sales and Distribution point of view, then there is not much difference between billing and invoice. In SD terminology, the word Billing is used and in FI terminology, it is called Invoice. In Material Management, the only INVOICE is used for Vendors. Invoice refers to all the documents which indicate delivery of goods and makes billing a receipt of the payments. So, if you receive goods as an organisation from the vendors then the receipt is called a bill but when you give these goods to the customers, the receipt will be called ‘invoice’.

Bill is paying the amount against the due amount and invoice means receiving the amount against the due amount. Invoice works for both Customer and Vendor Invoice. VF01 and VF02 are billing Tcodes and FB60 and FB70 are Invoice Tcodes.

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Boosting sales in the markets with powerful marketing campaigns




Boosting sales sms

Business companies these days aim at targeting customers in the markets with effective marketing campaigns for getting high conversion rates. There are various types of techniques available for this purpose and SMS marketing plays a key role in fulfilling the expectations of business companies with great ideas.

Marketing is an essential one for any company in order to stand out from the crowd in the markets. Another thing is that it helps to create awareness about a product or service effectively for reaching next levels. The SMS gateway platform provides the best opportunities for maximizing the rate of investments with a variety of tools for achieving better results. Furthermore, it gives ways for connecting with the customers in quick turnaround time for ensuring high conversion rates.

An SMS API makes feasible ways for integrating the great features and applications of a messaging platform with Java, PHP, HTTP, and REST scripts which ultimately help to reach next levels. Moreover, it contributes more to send messages with short codes for creating impacts on the customers. It gives ways for growing business in the markets effectively with powerful marketing techniques. Business firms can even connect the SMS API to software and other systems which help to get the desired outcomes.

Free SMS services with API supplications

There are many companies which offer SMS gateway services to all sizes of businesses enabling them to focus more on their goals with API applications. At the same time, it is advisable to evaluate them properly before picking a plan. The free SMS API testing offered by them allows the business companies to know whether a gateway works in the mobile networks properly. Apart from that, it shows ways for implementing the gateway based on the choices to boost sales in the markets.

The SMS gateway platform is an excellent option for companies to cut down high advertising costs for saving more money. In addition, it makes feasible ways for adding new customers to a business while promoting a brand or service. Most SMS service providers offer various types of plans for individuals, groups, and business to meet essential needs in the campaigning activities.

Sending SMS to customers with API testing

It is an important one to test the functionality of an SMS gateway for making the campaigns a successful one in the markets. Business companies can even send SMS for free API which ultimately helps to get more ideas with ease. Besides that, it shows methods for targeting customers through mobile phones and other digital devices for witnessing desired outcomes during the operations. The SMS gateway is a suitable one for sending bulk messages to customers with options to accomplish goals in the marketing campaigns.

Most SMS service providers cover additional features for the business companies and they can know more about them online for making a right decision in the investment process. It is advisable to seek support from professional teams while integrating the software and other things with the API that give ways for sending messages depending on the requirements.

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Use WhatsApp Web Login on PC




whatsapp web login

From a technological viewpoint, the internet is a very programmable environment that enables mass customization during the immediate deployment of big web applications like WhatsApp Web to millions of global users. Earlier, WhatsApp has introduced its WhatsApp Login feature for Web users, allow WhatsApp users to access WhatsApp using a browser. So now you can access WhatsApp Web Login from any operating system and any device as you can use WhatsApp Online Login in using any browser. You’re all set to use WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web appears very much like the Android app. It serves the purpose of replicating the mobile app on your PC for ease of use. Now some users have reported that this WhatsApp Login feature compromises your Security but WhatsApp has mentioned that they are using End to End Encryption Security protocols to establish a connection between two users.


If you’re using web browsers to use WhatsApp WebLogin, then it’s time to be alert about security tool scams. When a computer or web browser attempts to connect to an internet site, what’s referred to as a 3-way handshake is used to establish the connection between both computers? The user is subsequently contacted and asked to pay a ransom to publish the file. It’s always important that all users understand how to guard their systems against the most recent viruses and malware. The user is going to be verified and so will the site. WhatsApp Web users will then be able to observe a circular icon near their profile picture.

WhatsApp Web Login

WhatsApp Web is an official online client which lets users get their WhatsApp account via any computer browser (for example, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). But like WhatsApp, you don’t need to register for WhatsApp again with Email ID. All you need to do is just scan a QR code. There’s absolutely no program and plug-in installation required to get the WhatsApp Web via the browser, but if you would like, you can install the desktop program on your computer that’s based on WhatsApp web.

Through the internet platform, you can do all the things that you can do with your WhatsApp on your Android and iOS device.

Android Emulator is another way to install WhatsApp App on your Android, but now you don’t need to do that.


  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or any Web Browser.
  • WhatsApp installed on your Android or iOS device
  • You will need a stable Wi-Fi link connected to both Mobile and Desktop machine.

Step 1: Open in a browser.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on Mobile.

Step 3: On a desktop, it will ask to scan QR Code.

Step 4: On a smartphone. Click on right side option.

Step 5: Select WhatsApp Web. It will open the camera and start scanning your QR code.


My phone doesn’t understand the QR code?

Take your phone camera closer to QR code and wait for a few seconds. If it still isn’t recognizing then refresh the page and then scan the code.


Make sure that your Android/iOS smartphone has enough battery before use WhatsApp Login.

Also, make sure that the Internet is running on your Smartphone.

You do not have to copy the files on the device; now you can send one or more files to any WhatsApp contact straight from the computer. So if you want to learn to share these kinds of files on WhatsApp easily then here the finest possible method. The WhatsApp Login on Web option can be found in the latest edition of WhatsApp. Then, you’ve got to open the internet option on your phone.


You can not use WhatsApp on Windows PC. Now you don’t need to use Android Emulator to use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp PC. You can directly use Whatsapp Login on PC and chat with friends. All you need to do is just download WhatsApp for PC and setup. Connect your Android/iOS phone to activate WhatsApp web and you are good to go.

Also, you can now install WhatsApp App on your Mac and use the same steps to activate it.

WhatsApp for PC/Mac/Windows



Another Way of using WhatsApp Web is using Android Emulators. There are so many Android Emulators out there but Bluestacks is one of the most advanced and Popular Android Emulator allow users to use any Android App on Windows.

  • All you need to do is download Bluestacks App Player for Windows.(
  • Open the App > Setup Google Account > Open Play Store > Find and Install WhatsApp.
  • Open WhatsApp > Setup it and its done.


Hi, guys today I show you how you can view who has read your messages in WhatsApp group chat, but first a little explanation of how the check marks work on WhatsApp.

If you see two blue check marks next to your sent message, then the recipient has read your message.

For any message that you send, you will be able to see a Message info screen, displaying the details of when your message was delivered, read or played by the recipient(s).

Now follow step by step the instructions below to check who have read your message:

  • (Double Tick) Delivered – when your message is delivered to your friend phone, but he/she has not yet read it.
  • (Blue Tick) Read or Seen – when your friend has read your message or seen your picture, audio file, video or voice Message
  • (Blue Tick) Played – when your friend has played your Voice Message.

That’s all guys; now you can see who has read your messages in group chat If this trick was useful for you share it on your favorite social networks or let us know in the comments below if I have been useful 🙂

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