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8 Things You Should Know About Fostering



fostering children

Are you planning to foster a child who is in need of love, support, and security? Well, opening your homes to needy children is an extraordinary way of making a positive and lasting difference in their lives. Though it is a rewarding process, there are few things one must know to prepare themselves for this huge decision of their lifetime.

Below given are the 8 important things you must know before fostering a child or a young youth:

  1. Fostering Is Temporary

Foster care is given to children or youth who have been removed from their homes and separated from their parents by the court due to abuse, neglect or other family challenges. The responsibility of the foster parents is to provide a sense of care, love, security, and stability to these children or youngsters.

Foster parents should also know that this is a temporary placement for them and the prime goal of fostering is to provide a safe environment for kids and unite them with their families. Fostering also aims at preparing the children under care for the future.

In some cases, the birth parents of these children may be going through a difficult or traumatic phase of their lives, such as critical illness, substance abuse, conflicts etc. After resolving these issues, it may be possible for the children to return to their families.

If reuniting with the birth family or parents is not possible due to reasons like termination of parental rights, death, mental impairment etc., then the foster parents may be given the opportunity to adopt.

  1. Foster Parents Can Still Work

If the child is below 5 years, some foster parents work part-time. If you have a partner, one of you can stay at home to take care of the child, while the other goes to work. Also, some agencies allow foster parents to arrange a babysitter as well.

  1. Constant Communication With The Birth Parents/Family Is Important

As mentioned above, the reunification of the child and the biological family is the goal of foster care. It is the responsibility of the foster parent to arrange regular visits to stay connected with the birth family of the child. Foster parents and biological parents too should express themselves to each other and share their concerns.

  1. Finding A Foster Parenting Support Network Can Be Really Helpful At Times

Foster parenting may have become more common, but it is definitely an isolating experience. Though you have a handful of good friends and family, none of them may have a fostering experience. With insensitive remarks and unnecessary intervention, you may feel that no one seems to understand your condition.

In such situations, look for a support group that can help you go through the challenges of foster parenting. It becomes a platform for you to connect with other foster parents, who have experienced the challenges and gone through some stressful situations while fostering children or youths. Also, there are foster agencies too, that provide the right support need in such times.

  1. Foster Carer Applications Are Open To Everyone

Anyone can foster a child, irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status. You may not have to be rich, have parenting experience, or own a house. If you are able to provide, the basic amenities and a happy and stable environment to a child, then fostering is certainly for you. But there are certain criteria that one must qualify to be a foster carer.

  1. Foster Parents Receive Financial Help To Raise The Child

Financial support of more than £11,000 per year for a child is given to the foster parents. This will help them to cover some expenses of their foster kids and the payment is tax-free. With babies, the amount may increase slightly due to formulas and diapers.

  1. Adults Need Fostering Too

Well, it is not just children or young youth who need support and a stable home, but sometimes even adults, especially young parents with their children too need some extra support. Mostly, mothers who experience difficulties in raising their babies, need to be fostered for proper care and support.

  1. Foster Parenting Can Be Tough, But The Ultimate Reward Makes It All Worthy

Fostering is not easy and some days are really hard. With patience, perseverance, love, and empathy, you can certainly overcome the challenges of fostering. Though it may be mentally exhausting, the sense of satisfaction you get after providing the care and support to these needy kids makes it all worthy.

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Jeff Lupient WIFE and he is an extremely inspiring couple, who have supported each other for many years now. Jeff Lupient is quite a respectable and prestigious business man. He is also recognized an incredibly good motivational speaker and life coach. He is best known for being the CEO of a much renowned car dealership network known as the Lupient Automotive Group. It essentially is his family business.  This business brand is especially renowned for maintaining several high-performing car dealerships in and around the locality of Minnesota.  This car dealership business essentially enjoys a high level of trust and goodwill among the locals. With the guidance and help of Jeff Lupient WIFE, he was able to achieve a great amount of success in the automotive industry in just a short period of time. His drive, enthusiasm, and motivation also helped him to a great extent in achieving this incredible success.

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Peter Max is no stranger to the world of pop art in the USA. He has been associated with pop art since the last 50 years and is still going strong. He was inspired by his mom and dad to take up art as a career. He traveled the world with his parents as a child and visited China, Israel, India, and Africa. He says that when it comes to art, he is extremely passionate about mundane things, and he draws inspiration from them. He has the ability to transform any subject into impressive forms of art.

He also owns around 36 vintage Corvettes in a basement located at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, and there is an interesting story behind them. In 1990, he had visited an auto show and was deeply impressed with the cars there. He made an impulsive decision and purchased some cars with the intention of painting them. He decided they would be painted in psychedelic colors and presenting them at a major public relations event in the USA. He has not even touched the project as yet but claims that he will do so soon.  They have been with him for about 25 years now.

Creator of iconic artwork

He is an artist that is famous in the USA for his iconic work created for prominent national and sports events. He was chosen to be the official artist for the World Cup in 1994, and he has designed artwork for 5 Super Bowls, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Three Grammy Awards. Earth Day and other significant events. He has also been the official artist for 6 Presidents of the USA, and one can see them in the major embassies of the USA.  In 1976, during the bicentennial celebrations of the USA, Lee Iacocca, the CEO of Chrysler Corp was deeply impressed by the Statute of Liberty Series and discovered his artistic potential for creating the painting for the Statute of Liberty Series that is now a famous piece of art in the USA. 

He still paints the Statute of Liberty on the 4th of July every year. One can find other artwork of Peter Max on his Facebook Page. Though he has been associated with pop art for the last 50 years, he still draws inspiration from mundane items of daily life and shows no signs of stopping when it comes to the creation of inspirational and innovative pop art!

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