7 Types of Corporate Events for Every Business

A corporate event is any event sponsored by a business for its employees, clients, or potential clients. It can be performed for a variety of reasons, but there is always an objective underlying the fun. While some larger corporations and organizations have corporate event planners on staff or contract with an event planning agency, many others such as smaller companies and organizations simply pass along the job of planning corporate events to someone in HR or another department.

Below you find a list of the most important corporate events for any businesses:

Seminars and Conferences

Organizations plan and hold these meetings with targeted audiences, and provide them with relevant information.

Seminars are usually shorter events, lasting a couple hours, half a day, or even a whole workday. They have single or multiple speakers and generally keep all participants together in the same space. Conferences are normally have multiple sessions that occur concurrently that are geared toward different interests, different positions or roles, and even skill level. They are typically held at hotels, begin with a keynote session and then hold breakout sessions by topic. A conference is usually planned for at least half of a day though generally conferences span the course of one to two days or sometimes longer.

Trade Shows

Companies attend trade shows as a lead generation activity. They may also choose to host or sponsor a trade show to reinforce their image as an industry leader among those who attend, such as members, customers, prospects, and suppliers.

Event planning for trade shows involves negotiating sponsorship rates for trade show booth space, exhibition displays, advertising and promotion at the event, and sometimes speaking opportunities at the event for the leadership at your company to speak. Many logistical details exist to assure that the trade show booth, promotional materials, giveaways, and staffs arrive on time for your company.

Product Launches

Few things are more exciting to a business than the big debut of their latest product. A launch party is a great way to generate media buzz and help forward your brand.

Holiday Parties

The company holiday party is a time-honored tradition. Your employees put in a lot of effort year-round to help grow and better your business and the staff holiday party is a great way to show appreciation. Event planning can create memorable, festive holiday parties with top-notch entertainment that will be the stuff of water cooler talk for months or years to come.

Team-Building Events

The cornerstone of a great business is a strong team and a team-building event is great for fostering the right kind of mindset for your employees to flourish. The objective is to build up your employees’ productivity. This is accomplished through activities that build trust, relationships and morale.

Award Ceremonies

Every company reaches a point in their annual operations or project milestones that calls for a celebration. Awards ceremonies can be held to honor team members who have gone beyond the call of duty, or to compliment the achievements of people within your industry.

Fundraisers and Charity Events

The reason why most companies hold galas for fundraising is to help their very own businesses or simply boost another. Fundraiser events may be about entertainment, silent auctioning, fancy dinner or simply a casual event. As for charity events, money raised by the business goes straight to charity. There are many ways of acquiring donations and most companies are well versed with the most effective ones. Once the required amount of money has been raised through various activities, the ending of the event is marked by giving the money to charity.

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