There are a number of places around a house where you can install all kinds of marble floors. Of late, travertine stone flooring has become quite popular than the rest. It can look very attractive any given day, and can be as hard and sturdy as a rock. However, you have to clean it up regularly if you want it to retain its qualities forever. This comprises cleaning up its surface regularly and caring for it by all possible means. You will also have to take certain precautions to do travertine cleaning the right way.

How to do it right

  • Keeps dirt at bay: Since travertine has some holes over its surface, it can accumulate dirt and grime over it after a while. If left unattended, this can discolor the surface of the stone, making it lose its shine. Travertine cleaning keeps such pore formation at bay, returning strength and agility to the floor all around your house.

  • Clean the surface regularly: It is the surface that defines the quality of every flooring. If you don’t have a shiny floor despite actually getting one installed, you need to clean up its surface regularly. You can do it by regular cleaning, mop, or through many other ways as well.

  • Mop it right: Mopping removes all the dust particles accumulated over the surface of the travertine flooring, keeping it clean. Mopping at least once in a couple of days is more than enough to keep the floors clean all day long.

  • Dry clean the surface: Using vacuum cleaners once in a while is also a great way to keep the floor clean and wipe off any layer of accumulated dirt through a powerful vacuum suction tube.

  • Call for an expert: If nothing happens or if the dirt layer is just too much to be cleaned on your own, call a specialist. Travertine cleaning experts can always tell how your floor has to be conditioned to get the right effect. They may use powerful equipment to do the job, or may put a combination of some chemicals to clean away stiff dirt layers and give you a gleaming floor yet again.

Travertine cleaning may not be always required, since not all travertine floors have those tiny holes. Yet, the aforesaid methods can help you clean them up still. You can also ask the cleaning experts for a tip or two, which can help you do the job yourself every now and then.

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