Your car tires get affected by the rotting or dry rot when its rubber degrades by the exposure to the excessive heat and UV rays of sun. Have you ever seen the spider web-like cracks in your car tyres? It’s one of the most common signs of degradation in your car tires. It further leads to the cracks getting larger and results into splitting and tire failure. The recommended replacement years, as per the tire life, are 6-10 year.

But due to dry rot, most of the tires can’t reach that much longer life. If you want to prevent the premature rotting of your car tyres, there are a several strategies that you must get along with. So let’s dig in;

Proper Inflation

First of all, you should make sure that your car tires are properly inflated with the correct air pressure. For this, it’s great to have a digital tire gauge even if you already have the tire pressure monitoring system equipped in your car. Also ensure that you don’t use the maximum pounds per sq. inch (PSI) that’s mostly mentioned on the sidewall of you tire.

The recommended PSI of your car tires is given on the driver’s side door or in the owners’ manual. Over and under inflation of the tire will negatively impact its performance and your car tires will be more prone to the dry rot.

Favorable Parking

Well that’s quite funny since everyone won’t be practically able to keep up with this for obvious reasons. It’s simply like if the parking was favorable for everyone, all of us would be having so many cars (if we could afford). But you can at least park your car in the garage or maybe at the car port just to decrease the tire exposure to excessive sunlight. Ironically, parking garages are far better than open parking lots. It will also save your car tyre prices.

Since this would also not be favorable for everyone, try to park at the shady spot. It’s really important to protect your car tyres from excessive heat and harmful UV rays of the sun. If you do that, your can easily protect your car tires from premature rot.

Tire Conditioner

When is the last time you put the conditioner in your hair? Obviously, today in the morning. It’s because you love to take care of your hair as it plays a vital role in enhancing your magnificent appearance and personality. And How about your car and especially tires? Do you remember the car tyre price you paid to buy these tires? Tires are the only part of your car that are in direct contact with the road. Which means if something goes wrong with them while driving, the consequences can be worst.

Therefore, you must take care of your car tire health as well. So just try and apply the tire conditioner on it in order to protect the tires from the UV rays. It’s as good as a sunblock of the tires. These are very much effective gels that will enhance the tires performance.


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